Gamers love Easter Eggs. But just because you’re not currently playing a video game doesn’t mean you can’t try out some of Windows’ most entertaining Easter Eggs. Here are some fim Easter Eggs you can try out at work while looking productive.

5) Fill up Microsoft Word pages with random text

Oh no! Your boss is walking up to your cubicle and you’re staring at an empty Word document. Instead of switching to a blank desktop and looking even stupider, why not use one of the most useful Windows Easter Eggs out there: the “fill up my page with random text” command.
That’s right – with just a single, easier to remember line, you can make it look like you’ve been furiously pounding on your keyboard all afternoon. All you have to do is type the following into Microsoft Word:

This text isn’t just a string of gibberish words and made-up sentences. The text appears to be taken from the instruction manuals for various Microsoft programs. In any case, your boss will like it a lot better than a blank Word document. Just don’t let your boss get too close to your screen, or else the jig will be up.

4) Bush hid the facts

No, we’re not making a political statement. Instead, we’re telling you about the creepiest Windows Easter Egg ever discovered. This one is just for Windows XP users, but all other Windows users can still watch a video of this crazy Easter Egg at work:

What just happened? Well, the user made a notepad file that said bush hid the facts. He then saved it (the file name doesn’t matter), and then opened it once more. Sometimes, the text will disappear. In other cases, you’ll get creepy, mysterious characters. I guess we’ll never find out the real truth.

3) You can’t use certain folder names

Okay, all the rest of the Easter Eggs on this list are pretty cool. But this one is relatively lame. Windows prevents you from labelling folders with certain names. Don’t believe us? Make a new folder on your desktop and call it con.
Uh oh! You just saw this message:

You will also see that message if you try to name files PRN, COM1, NUL, LPT, and several other weird sounding names.

2) Calculator Easter Eggs

The calculator has two Easter Eggs that we’ve found so far:
-Type ‘P’ into the Calculator to instantly see Pi
-Find the square root of 4 and subtract by 2 to watch your calculator go crazy. You have to do this all on one line for it to work, so try copying and pasting it into the Calculator from Notepad.

1) Never lose at Solitaire

Winning at Windows Solitaire is a major milestone in everybody’s life. The frantic cascade of cards that floods the screen will delight any computer user, and the sheer thrill you get from placing the last King on top of a stack is akin to summiting Mount Everest.
The secret? Simply press Alt+Shift+2 while playing Solitaire to instantly see the cascading rivers of cards. Or, press Ctrl+Shift+F10 in FreeCell to see that finishing animation.
But wait! If you just tried those cheat codes, you might have noticed that they didn’t work. Why is that?
Unfortunately, Microsoft, in an evil mood, decided to patch this “error” soon after it was discovered. Today, the instant-win Solitaire game remains the stuff of legends. But don’t despair! With a few minutes of hard work, you too can experience instant win Solitaire, Minesweeper, and countless other Windows games. Just read this handy guide on how to re-enable cheat mode after the patch.
Just remember: these games are single-player, which means that you don’t really gain anything by cheating to win. But hey, if you need to feel better about your gaming skills, then go right ahead.
All credit goes to for finding these Easter Eggs.

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