Usually, the Fix My PC Free blog is focused on providing how-to guides about fixing and optimizing computers. But since most of the time we spend on computers revolves around the internet, we decided to change things up with a website recommendation today.
Have you ever enjoyed a site so much that you wanted to see more sites like it? You probably have a group of several sites that you visit on a daily basis. Those sites could feature news, sports, funny pictures, Facebook, or whatever else you’re into.
But what if you wanted to see more sites just like it? Thanks where can help.

What is promises to help visitors find “alternatives to favorite websites.” Simply type in a website or a keyword and’s special formula will connect with a number of accurate results related to that site or keyword.
Type in your favorite news website, for example, and will happily connect you with a number of other news sites from that area. Websites are grouped according to activities and common interests, and it doesn’t take long to find websites that you would enjoy browsing.
If you don’t know which alternative websites you should look at, then the website also provides links to recently viewed webpages. So you can easily see what other users are searching for – and finding – using
Anyways, if you want to waste more time on the internet, then can certainly help. Check it out today if you’re ready to experience some of the best the internet has to offer.

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