It’s no secret that viruses have become more and more dangerous in recent years. However, recent PC security assessments have become increasingly frightening. The annual Black Hat conference took place this past week in Las Vegas. The conference focuses on topics related to the hacking industry as a whole.
One presentation by Toucan Systems CEO Jonathan Brossard frightened PC users around the world. During the presentation, Brossard broadly detailed a special virus that would latch itself onto a computer and never let go. Computer users would be unable to remove the virus even if they got a new hard drive or re-flashed the BIOS. Viruses like this are previously unheard of in the PC security industry.
As of now, that virus is still in its theoretical stage, and it’s a long ways away from being released into the ‘wild’. However, the fact that viruses like this could exist is enough to make even the most optimistic computer security analysis shake in their boots.
Here are a few things that the proposed virus could do, if and when it gets created:
-Enter systems through a back-door, making it difficult for users to detect what was going on
-Foil BitLocker full disk encryption by tricking users into thinking BitLocker was running when it had already been disabled
-Remain on the system even after system restores, re-flashing the BIOS, and complete hard drive replacements
-The virus would infect your system through the firmware on a hardware device. Your network card might carry the virus, or your video card.
-The virus would be totally undetectable by any antivirus program
-It would have the ability to infect any operating system
-It could get around firewalls
-The virus could easily reproduce, repair itself, and defend itself when components come under attack.
Does that virus sound scary enough yet? Obviously, the virus has not yet been created – and it might never be. But if it is, then the PC security industry is going to have to get a lot more serious about computer protection services.
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