We all knew that Grand Theft Auto V was likely to get a PC release. Most reports have pointed to that release date as being around March 2014 – which is just a few weeks away.
Earlier today, footage from the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V appeared to leak onto YouTube. That footage was taken down incredibly fast by Take Two Interactive’s legal team, which claimed that it infringed on its intellectual property.
Warrockteam1 is the YouTube user who uploaded the footage. His account history doesn’t give much information about how he got the insider footage, although Warrockteam1 is well-known among the GTA4 modding community for both installing and creating mods.
The video was found here:
But as you can see, it just displays a copyright claim image right now.
Most of the Grand Theft Auto V community thinks that the footage is fake. But would Take Two’s legal team waste their valuable time taking down fake PC GTA V videos? Probably not. Several “PC footage” fakes have gone viral in the past few months without any action being taken by the developers.
So was this just a really good fake – so good that it fooled Take Two’s legal team? Or was this confirmation that a PC version of GTA V is actively in development.
Another reason why this footage is believed to be legitimate is that it was simply titled IMG_0373.mp4, which is what a video would be called if it was taken directly from a real camera. Most people who upload fake GTA PC footage do so in the hopes of attracting lots of views, and calling a video IMG_0373.mp4 isn’t going to attract a lot of search traffic.
Do you think the footage was legitimate? I don’t care – I just can’t wait till March!

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