A computer for most people is a device where valuable work and data is stored. You have entrusted the computer with so much data, might as well just maintain it regularly. There are many ways how you could lose data either by a hard disk crash or a virus attack. Maintaining your PC is very important as the hardware inside the case is very expensive and requires constant cleaning and caring. Even the failure of one fan can cause your CPU to fry, which can cause valuable damage.  So lets check out some tips to maintain your computer and your data.
Always install a very good spyware or antivirus to protect your computer from external corrupted files and viruses. Installing it alone will not do the trick, the antivirus needs to be constantly updated in order to ensure maximum safety of your data. Windows has its very own security essentials which also need to be updated regularly.
To make sure your data doesn’t get lost because of a hard disk crash, always save a backup duplicate of your data onto an external hard disk. Files like movies, music, etc. should be stored within the external hard disk as that would increase the speed of your computer. Be sure to update the external hard drives updates regularly.
Like every other item in the house, your computer needs to be constantly cleaned and dusted. Keeping the case clean from dust and dirt will ensure smooth running of all the hardware in the system and will prevent any damages from happening to the hardware.
Whenever an external drive like a CD/DVD or a pen drive is inserted into the computer make sure that you scan the device before running it. Similarly, install malware and spyware filter for your browser and avoid going to sites that could harm your computer.
Update your hardware from time to time to ensure smooth and better performance. F ex: If you have an Intel i3 processor, when the prices have gone down a bit, buy the Intel i5 processor. Simultaneously update the RAM, hard disk, graphic card, sound card and monitor.
Always remember that you need to keep at least 500 MB of free space to let windows run in its utmost performance.
Updating your software and operating system is a major part of maintaining your computer. If you follow the steps given smoothly and regularly, then you will not have any problems related to your computer.

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