Google Glass has the potential to do a lot of cool things to the world. But here’s one thing Google Glass won’t help you do: cheat in casinos.
Caesars Palace in Las Vegas recently told that Google Glass wearers would be swiftly kicked off the premises if they tried to enter the casino:
“Gaming regulations prohibit the use of computers or recording devices by persons who are gambling. Therefore, individuals wearing Google Glass would not be allowed to gamble. If they attempted to do so, they would be subject to arrest under various state gaming regulations.”
In other words, Caesars Palace doesn’t have anything about Google Glass in particular – they just have a legally-mandated beef against any type of wearable recording devices. Of course, this beef is warranted, seeing that so many people have tried to cheat Vegas over the years by wearing various types of machinery all over their bodies.

Other businesses that have banned Google Glass

Caesars Palace and the casino industry aren’t the first companies to ban Google Glass wearers. A restaurant in Seattle called the 5 Points Café announced in March that Google Glass wearers would not be allowed in the restaurant.
But instead of just telling Google Glass wearers that they weren’t allowed, 5 Points took it a step further and verbally assaulted early Glass adopters with a stream of vitriol:
“If you’re one of the few who are planning on going out and spending your savings on Google Glasses – what will for sure be a new fad for the fanny-pack wearing, never removing your Bluetooth headset-wearing crowd – plan on removing them before you enter The 5 Point. The 5 Point is officially a No Google Glass zone.”
Gear down, big rig! Why would people want to film your snarky, uptight restaurant anyway? It’s not like you gain an unfair advantage eating your burger.

Why Google should be worried

Part of the appeal of Google Glass is that it can be worn everywhere you go until it becomes an extension of the body. If users have to continuously take off their Google Glasses, power them down, and leave them in their pockets when entering certain locations, then purchasing a pair suddenly seems a lot less useful.
With Google Glass still about one year away from store shelves, I guess we’ll just have to wait until wearable computer contacts are invented before we start sneakily filming the world around us.

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