I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge fan of geography trivia and maps.
Yup, I’m a maphead, nerd, or whatever you want to call me.
And that’s why I thoroughly enjoy playing Google’s new Smarty Pins trivia game. Smarty Pins is easy to play: read the question and drop the pin on the Google Maps location which answers the question.
If Google asks which city recently hosted the Winter Olympics, then you would drop it on Sochi, Russia, for example.
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Most recently, Google has had trivia for the World Cup, where you’re asked to identify various soccer cities around the world.
You’re judged based on how many miles/kilometers your pin is away from the correct answer. Google gives you a certain number of kilometers at the start of each round and you can play until your kilometers run out.
It’s fun, addictive, and is guaranteed to waste your time. Check it out today at

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