In a news release that will surprise no one, Windows 8 users are apparently not using their Metro apps nearly as much as Microsoft would like.
Despite Microsoft’s sales angle for Windows 8 as being “all about the apps” it seems like most users have decided to ignore that silly slogan and simply continue using their Windows computer like they’ve always used Windows computers – to access PC software.
According to a study by research firm Soluto, the vast majority of Windows 8 users launch a Metro app less than once per day. Take a look at the data below:

That data was collected by monitoring about 11,000 Windows 8 users, including desktop, laptop, touch laptop, and tablet users. Clearly, the data suggests that those who buy Windows 8 desktop PCs and laptops (even if they’re touch-enabled) hardly ever use the Metro apps. A surprisingly high percentage of tablet users, at 44.38%, also refuse to use Metro apps – despite the fact that most apps are catered to a touch-screen Windows 8 tablet experience.

Does not include Windows RT

We would obviously see different numbers from Windows RT, and those numbers that would work more in Microsoft’s favor. Windows RT is the Windows 8 kernel operating system that doesn’t allow users to install traditional PC software. Instead, users are forced to rely on Metro apps to do everything.
Are you a Windows 8 user? How often do you use Metro apps? No matter which way you look at it, the number of actual Metro app users is astonishingly low – especially since Windows 8 forces users to boot into the Metro screen. What’s the point of Metro again?

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