Would you rather buy a decent used car or a laptop? That’s a choice many computer users will have to face before they purchase a new product from a tech company called Eurocom. The product – a Scorpius laptop – features all of the bells and whistles you would expect on a powerful laptop, but then it takes these features to a whole new level.
Here is a quick glimpse at the benefits of the Eurocom Scorpius notebook:
-17.3-inch screen
-Dual Nvidia GeForce GTX 680s (by default, only one GTX 680 is included)
-Intel Core i& 3920XM CPU
-Up to 32GB of DDR-1600 RAM
-Three different storage devices, included the ability to add 2 500GB SSD
Fortunately, the basic Scorpius is priced at ‘just’ $2,000, but if users want to unlock all the specs listed above, they’ll have to shell out over $7,000.
From the Scorpius configuration screen, visitors can see exactly how much each hardware component will cost. For just over $2,000, users have access to a pretty good laptop, including a core i7 CPU, 2GB of graphics card processing power, 8GB of RAM, built-in webcam, 17.3-inch screen, and other touches of luxury you would expect after dropping that much money on a laptop.
But to truly unlock the Scorpius’ potential, you’ll want to choose the most expensive option at every configuration screen, which will bump the price up to an obscene amount of money.
If you’ve ever wanted a fast laptop with a built-in subwoofer, back-lit keys, a massive display, and all the power you could ever need, then check out the Scorpius today.

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