For the past few years, Windows critics (most notably Apple) have argued that we’re living in a post-PC world. Desktop PCs are becoming rarer and rarer, and people are buying tablets or smartphones instead of big ol’ computers.
While some believe that desktop PCs are dying out, others argue that we’re not living in a post-PC world at all –we’re just living in a PC Plus world.
What on Earth does that mean? Well, in a recent interview with Reuters, Lenovo’s CEO Yuanqing Yang – the man who coined the term ‘PC Plus’ – argued that:
“We don’t live in a post-PC world, we are entering the PC plus era…in our industry many players think PCs have become a commodity product. We have never thought this way.”
It makes sense that one of the world’s largest PC manufacturers would get angry when people talk about living in a post PC world. Lenovo continues to invest in the PC’s future and has had success catering to a budget-minded performance PC market.

How well is Lenovo performing? Well, apparently their hybrid PCs are performing so well that they have captured 40% of the $900 and above market for PCs. Hybrid PCs are a blend between tablets and laptops. Some Lenovo laptops like the Yoga, for example, have a screen that can twist around in order to become a tablet.
Ten years from now, desktop PCs might not exist as we know them today. But if PC manufacturers like Lenovo continue to innovate and blur the line between tablets, laptops, and smartphones, then there’s no reason why the PC industry won’t survive for another three decades.

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