You may feel very upset about your slow computer now, right? You may have also read some information about how to speed up your computer, but still, you don’t know exactly what causes your computer to be so slow, don’t you? Well, we definitely want to know more about our computers so that we can fix the slow computer problem ourselves in case it happens again. Just continue to read if you want to know why your computer turns to be slower and how to make it run like new again.

Why Your Computer Becomes Slow?

1. Low Computer Configuration – Not Enough RAM: Of course, a high configured operating system will have a high-performance computer with rapid running computer speed. If you are not very good at computers, it properly would be much better for you to acquire some advice from friends or specialists while you bought your computer. Among various parts of in the system, the RAM is a crucial element to determine how fast or effectively your computer get to run. If you do not have enough RAM to support the software running on your computer, your computer will seem to be extremely slow and frozen sometimes.

2. Hard Disk Space Stuffed with Abundance of Useless Files: You may say you had very big size of the hard disk space when you first had the new computer. But if you check the leftover and available disk space, you will realize how little it is now. This is because your hard disks have already been stuffed with all kinds of applications and files, some of which are useless but space-consuming, of course. The useless applications and files can occupy huge system resources and decrease the efficiency of Windows’s response to your operating activities.

3. Too many Startup Programs: Your computer will definitely slow down if you allow too many programs booting up at the computer startup. This is because all programs require and take up some system resources when they execute. The unnecessary programs can impact the speed of access to Windows and the effectiveness to perform your work.

4. Infected by Spyware: Once infected by spyware, malware or other malicious threats, a computer usually runs abnormally. The malicious codes added by viruses, the popup ads displayed due to spyware, as well as other malicious behaviors, can cause computer errors, slow performance and even computer crash.

5. Corrupted Registry: When you install or uninstall a program, invalid registry entries come into the registry. And when computer errors occur, they are recorded on your registry. Over time the stuffed registry will definitely make Windows access to the system data more difficult. This can result in the poor performance of your computer.

How to Speed up Your Computer and Make it Run Like New?

The above is five common reasons that may possibly cause your computer slow down. Having learnt this, you can fix your slow computer yourself now. So, try to check and increase your RAM, remove useless programs and files, uninstall unwanted startup programs, scan and remove spyware with antispyware software, clean up and repair system registry with a good registry cleaner. In this way, you are sure to have a fast running computer again!

Actually, if you are not an expert to fix PC problems, I sincerely suggest you make good use of some PC repair tools

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