Have you noticed your computer running a little slow? Have you started to check out the new computer ads in the newspaper? Dont jump to the gun quite yet, it might be possible to upgrade your computer rather than replace it.

If youre in the market for a new computer, you can spend anywhere from $7,000 for a hot gaming PC, down to $300 on a stripped down basic computer, the choice is yours. although the optimal price for a computer usually is around $1,000-$1,500. thats a good computer, but not so good that youre paying top dollar for cutting edge technology.

But, with a modest budget of around $30-250, you can get the most common computer upgrades, memory, video cards, monitors, or processors.

What you should keep in mind, is that it’s almost always better to try to stick a tad behind the best equipment you can buy. if you’re looking for a new graphics card, the top of the line models usually cost around $500-800, while ones that are just a few months older can be had for $200 or less. You’ll get almost as much power and save a lot by doing your research.

A CPU, or computer processor is another hardware upgrade that can be very expensive when first released, and then drop to a third of the price in less than a year. they can go from $1,000 to under $200 in that time span. Yet, you can still get about 80% of the computing power for 1/3 of the price of the top of the line models.

Memory however is not the best place to skimp. The more memory the better, and its usually the best upgrade your money can buy. just a few hundred dollars of additional memory can make a huge difference in your computer.

I typically recommend most normal users to upgrade at least once before they consider a new computer system. A little more memory, a second or third generation video card, and you can buy a few more years of usable life, without the upheaval of moving to a brand new computer.

In most cases however, even one good upgrade can keep a computer useful for 2-3 more years, even if you cant upgrade again. And that means the computer you buy today could last you a good 5-10 years with good upgrade choices.

Certain PC Users that play all the new games typically need to have better than average computer systems. These systems become obsolete fairly quickly, and need to be replaced more quickly. Usually a good solid gaming computer can last 2-3 years before it needs to be replaced with a newer system.

Because of the advent of portable hard drives, hard drives that plug into your USB port, its become much easier to move your files from one computer to another. Alternatively you can back up data on CDs or DVDs.

Some of the best deals on Computer Hardware can be found in your Sunday circulars. Oftentimes with rebates, you can get hardware much cheaper than what it normally costs. of course you actually have to mail in the rebates, even I dont always remember to do that.

Once you have a feel for how much it would cost to upgrade versus the costs of a brand new computer, that should give you an a good idea of whether to upgrade or replace. if you can put in a $100-300 and use the computer for a few more years then it might be worth it to upgrade. However if the new hardware appeals to you, and its cost effective, replacing your current computer might make sense. Tough decision, but one that can pay off big dividends.

David C

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