Almost all laptop users don’t believe that the slow speed of their system has nothing to do with the virus and spyware based infections. After performing numerous security scans one asks why my laptop is so slow despite I have done everything what I could to make it run faster? Buying a new machine is not the only option left fortunately. You can boost laptop speed easily and make it perform really fast again.

If you are really worried about this issue and want to know what could work for you then follow these guidelines thoroughly:

* Start by cleaning your laptop Windows registry. It shall be the only first step to speed up your laptop. Use a high powered registry cleaner and PC optimizer software for that function. Overtime the size of Windows registry increases and a lot of corrupted registry keys are accumulated in the registry database.

* Use a RAM booster utility to increase the speed of your laptop. At the end I have listed a free utility which can help you to fix your laptop if it is so slow.

* Uninstall unwanted softwares that take up a lot of space.

* Make a shorter list of start up items and disable all the heavy ones to make your laptop faster at start up.

* Increase the RAM if possible. However, if you are using some high performance registry optimizer then you can forgo this step. There is one really effective registry cleaner for that function (See at the end).

* Conducting scans for viruses and spywares also helps a lot to make a laptop perform really fast.

* If you are experiencing infections after the computer security scans then surely it is some internal errors in the Windows which needs to be repaired through

the registry repairing software. A registry cleaning utility also helps to eradicate the infections from Windows registry from where the antiviruses and antispywares may not be efficiently able to eliminate them.

* If your programs are crashing frequently and there are freezes then surely you need to fix the laptop registry.

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