Couple is stuck at home after car breaks down

Dear Write to Know: We are a disabled, vibrant senior couple married 37 years, living on Cape Cod with shared custody of our 11-year-old granddaughter. We have three grown daughters and two granddaughters off Cape.


FUR COAT: I have a seal coat that is not in condition to wear, but there are many good pieces of fur that could be made into a lovable teddy or seal! I know there are folks out there who recycle fur into special teddies, etc. If interested, readers may call 508-288-2902.

TV CABINET: I have a solid pine TV cabinet in mint condition. It is 81 inches high by 44 inches wide by 22 inches deep, and will hold a TV as large as 32 inches, with storage below. It is free to anyone who wants it and can pick it up. It is rather heavy. The number to call is 508-394-3942.

FILL: I have some clean fill to give away. The pile is getting out of control for me (as the result of years of leaves and grass compost), so please give me a call. Person must take it away. For more information: 508-896-8670.

Our middle daughter lives in a permanent vegetative state at the Kindred Hospital in Waltham, after suffering a heart attack. I have lost my job because of nerve disorder and had to go on disability. On our way to a family Thanksgiving in November 2009, our car died its final death on Route 3 north, and we have been homebound now for six months.

We cannot afford to buy a car on our small fixed income. We have missed Thanksgiving and Christmas with our children, our daughters’ and granddaughter’s birthdays. Also, we missed her first solo at a school concert, and had to stay in for my birthday, my wife’s birthday, for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day does not look promising.

We are also having trouble getting to the supermarket for food shopping for us and our cats, picking up our medications, visiting friends, but the worst is not seeing our disabled sick daughter, who needs us badly. We have found that a car is not only essential for one’s physical health, but also for mental health, and keeping a family together and functioning.

It is ruining our health figuratively, spiritually and actually. I also had a great job prospect fall through with no car, so I am stuck in this hellish situation. Our health, our lives and our sanity have suffered. We are confined to our apartment. It is becoming an extremely dangerous physical and mental health hazard.

We have tried every social service and outreach group on the Cape, in the state and in the country. There is no money, no time, no service and no one seems to care. Advice is nice, but it’s not what we need. But, if any of your readers have a decent spare car sitting around, maybe they might consider donating it, so we can live again. Please help.

Dear M.J.E.: Thanks for providing your phone number, 508-514-4406, so readers who can help will contact you directly.

Missie’s Closet provides furniture to those in need

Dear Write to Know: Some time ago, you listed an address in Hyannis for homeless mothers who would be glad to accept free, used furniture. I have two large chests of drawers from a bedroom set in good condition. I don’t know the name of the organization mentioned, but if these chests can be picked up, the organization or the mothers are welcome to them.

One is approximately 5-feet high and 4-feet wide, with six drawers. The other is about 4-feet high and 6-feet wide with nine drawers. I have misplaced the phone number given. Thank you.

Dear J.K.: We think you refer to Missie’s Closet, a program of the Community Action Committee Cape Cod & Islands, located at 115 Enterprise Road, Hyannis. According to information from Claudia Robinson, administrative assistant, two rooms at the location are filled with donations set up in the guise of a “store,” where clients are encouraged to browse and take whatever they need.

The group also has a storage unit on Independence Drive, Hyannis, where donated furniture is kept, and clients are taken there on an appointment basis. There are no fees or eligibility requirements, other than having a need for the items. The number to call (particularly for delivery information) is 508-771-1727.

Church shelter program needs washer/dryer unit

Dear Write to Know: My parish, The Church of the Holy Spirit in Orleans, hosts the Overnights of Hospitality program. We are looking for a stacker washer/dryer, so the men may do their laundry when staying with us. If anyone knows of someone willing to donate or sell us a used stacker washer and dryer in good condition, please have them contact me at 508-240-3146.

Dear A.L.: Hope someone comes through for you.

Old IBM Thinkpad laptop needs to be charged up

Dear Write to Know: I have an old IBM Thinkpad laptop that was a gift. However, I need a charger to make it work, and would appreciate hearing from anyone who has one no longer being used. My number is 508-255-8244.

Dear P.M.: Let’s hope a reader has what you’re looking for.

Concern over economy prompts letter writing

Dear Write to Know: I recently saw Donald Trump interviewed on TV, and was greatly impressed with his wisdom, common sense and backbone strength. When asked about the U.S. economy, he said the president must get very tough on China, before it’s too late. He also said we must get factories back in America to put our people to work.

We need a financial expert of this caliber advising our current administration now. Please print Donald Trumps’s address so I can write him ASAP. In fact, please also print President Obama’s address. Thank you.

Dear R.A.: Donald Trump’s address is listed as 721 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10022. As for the president, you may write him at The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW., Washington, DC 20500.

Outdoor library program fenced in by parking lot

Dear Write to Know: Yarmouthport Library would like to do a series of outdoor storytimes for very young children this summer. We have a lovely back lawn to use, but safety is an issue. We are hoping someone has some sort of portable temporary fencing we could use to prevent the little ones from dashing into the parking lot.

If anyone has any suggestions, something to give or lend, we ask that they let us know at either 508-362-3717 or e-mail us at . Thank you in advance.

L.L., Children’s Librarian

Dear L.L.: Those cars can sometimes come around the building too quickly.

Return policy on heater not so hot for customer

Dear Write to Know: I am writing about a return problem I had with Ocean State Job Lot. Earlier this spring, I purchased a floor heater for $39, but three weeks later, it stopped working. I did not have the receipt when I went to return it, but I had a copy of the charge slip from Discover. I was told they could not take it back without a box or a receipt.

I filed a dispute with my credit card company, but don’t know if I will get my money back. What bothers me is I was in the same store last week and a woman came in with a large ceramic pot to return. She had no receipt and no idea how much it cost. The manager said she could return it and would give her a store credit.

I did not want to cause a huge scene, but would like to know why she could bring back something with no proof whatsoever and get a credit, and I, at least, had my credit card statement and was denied credit. For all they knew, she could have just picked up the pot and brought it to the counter. I think it is bad business when all returns aren’t treated the same.

Dear J.L: A spokesperson for Ocean State Job Lot explained that the heater is an electronic item, and did not come in a box, which would be needed to return the item to headquarters. However, she said if you had wanted to exchange the heater for another one (the same item, from the same store), something might have
been worked out.

As for the other woman’s pot, it was not an electronic item, so she could receive a credit. The spokesman said store policy is explained at the bottom of the receipt.

Free tree cutter may not branch out to Eastham

Dear Write to Know: Two weeks ago you gave contact information for a firm that cuts trees for little or no cost, in return for taking the wood. Before I could copy down the details, my husband recycled the paper. I would appreciate it if you could supply me with the necessary information so I could get in touch with the person/firm.

Dear C.S.: The number for Trees for Free is 508-566-4684. However, we are not sure if the service extends beyond the Sandwich area, where it is based. The owner’s name is Joe Kuzawa.

A retainer search leads to nothing up the sleeve

Dear Write to Know: Would any of your readers know where I could buy a pair of “sleeve retainers” that hold the sleeves of sweaters in place? I am looking for a pair in silver or silvertone and believe I purchased them through the Appleseed’s catalog several years ago, but a call to the store said if they did, they no longer carry them.

I’ve lost my silver pair, so any help would be much appreciated. The ones I am familiar with are a stretchy wire elastic. Thank you for your help.

G.T.C., Marstons Mills

Dear G.T.C.: Several Internet sites did not produce sources for those sleeve retainers, but perhaps a reader familiar with them can be of assistance. We’ll be in touch if we hear from anyone with a lead.

A watch repair delivery service may be way to go

Dear Write to Know: I have been to several jewelers for repairs to a gold Swiss windup wristwatch, and have found that jewelers send their watch repairs to either Providence or Boston. Are there any watch repair people who work here on the Cape?

Dear B.O.: We’ve yet to find one, but we understand LAM Goldsmiths in South Dennis provides a service in which a watch is hand-carried to a special section of the Boston jewelers building for repair work. It will also provide an estimate of the cost. If you could drop by the local store and have the process explained in more detail, you might feel more comfortable about the repair work.

Local shop will develop photos from negatives

Dear Write to Know: I’m looking for a photo shop in the Mid-Cape area that can develop and print photos from old-type negatives. Most shops now work only from digital camera cards. The negatives I have are 3- by 4-inches and don’t fit my scanner/copier.

Dear J.S.: Orleans Camera & Video, 500 Route 134, South Dennis (Patriot Square) can provide this service in-house for you, but, because your negative size is considered “large format,” the process, according to a spokesman, is “not inexpensive.” You might want to give the shop a call, 508-394-5800, for specifics.

Bus company that offers daily service to Foxwoods

Dear Write to Know: For about the 35th consecutive year, we will be visiting the Cape this summer. I am sure that last year we saw an ad for a bus trip to Foxwoods leaving from Hyannis every week. I cannot find any information on it now. Please help; we would be very grateful.

T.F., Rochester, N.Y.

Dear T.F.: Tremblay Motor Coach offers daily transportation to Foxwoods. Toll free number is 800-937-3764; website is We were told the motorcoach leaves at 7:30 each morning from the Park and Ride lot on Route 6, returning from Foxwoods at 5 p.m. Price: $28 round trip.


To P.K., Chatham: Another bundle of replies has just arrived from fellow jigsaw puzzle fans. Watch your mail.

To B.H.C., Centerville: A spokeswoman for the town of Barnstable reported that the osprey platform in Osterville was on the property of a private individual, and possibilities for a replacement nesting area are being explored.

To P.A.L., Hyannis: Colby Studios has been out of business for some time, so you may be out of luck with those photos.

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