When a company makes a touchscreen tablet, you might think that they would make the screen as responsive as the hardware would allow.
But it doesn’t look like Microsoft has figured that out yet. Because a member of the XDA Developers Forum recently released a Windows registry hack/tweak that modifies the responsiveness of the Surface RT’s touchscreen.
That’s right: all you need to do to improve the hardware of your device is tweak a small entry in your Windows Registry. As XDA Developers Forum member Tamarasu writes:
“Found a key or touch prediction that when edited showed a marked improvement in keyboard responsiveness and small item manipulation ie classic desktop, file explorer, etc.”
Sounds great, right? Keep reading to discover how to access this tweak.

How to improve touchscreen responsiveness on the Surface RT

Step 1) Go to this forum thread and read through the instructions provided by Tamarasu, the XDA Developers member who found the tweak
Step 2) Step 1 provided the background you need to understand the registry change. Now it’s time to actually implement that change. Open your registry by typing regedit into the launcher or by running regedit from a command prompt
Step 3) The Registry menu might look intimidating for someone who’s using it for the first time, but it works just like any other part of Windows Explorer. Navigate to an entry called:
Step 4) In that entry, you need to change two numbers from 8 to 2. Change latency and sample time from 8 to 2.
Step 5) Restart your device in order for the changes to take effect.
That’s it! Start playing around with your Surface RT to see if that made it more responsive.

What’s the catch?

There must be some reason why Microsoft didn’t maximize the responsiveness of its touchscreen, right? Well, those who have edited this registry setting haven’t noticed any negative impacts. Some users predicted that increased touchscreen responsiveness would result in a noticeable decrease in battery life – but that hasn’t happened.
So basically, you can change two numbers to make your Surface RT tablet more powerful and usable than ever before – with no apparent downsides. What are you waiting for?

Cleaning your Windows Registry on Windows RTsurface-rt-touchscreen-responsiveness-registry

On Windows RT, registry cleaners generally aren’t needed. But on all earlier versions of windows, registry cleaners play an essential role in the speed and performance of your machine.
The Windows Registry handles everything from the touchscreen drivers to information about your internet browsers. Your computer is constantly accessing the Windows Registry, and if that Registry isn’t spread out in the most optimized way, your computer’s performance will suffer.
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