Windows 8 will be released later this month, on October 26. Microsoft has high hopes for the operating system. However, users are still wary about some of the improvements that Microsoft has decided to introduce – like the controversial Metro user interface and inability to start directly into the classic Windows mode.
But one improvement that users shouldn’t have any problems with is the new operating system’s ability to defend against malware. According to security researchers like Aryeh Goretsky, Windows 8 will be significantly better at defending users against malware from the very first day it is installed.

Day 0 malware defence

Why will Windows 8 be better at day 0 anti-malware security? Well, we already know that Windows 8 features better default protection for users. That default protection includes a basic antivirus software program called Windows Defender which will automatically be enabled on every Windows 8 computer sold. Users who don’t want to use that default antivirus software can easily switch to another program, although Windows Defender should offer more than enough protection for the average computer user.

But the unique anti-malware feature in Windows 8 is its “Early Launch Anti-Malware” capabilities. The first software driver that Windows 8 will install on the user’s computer will check for malware anywhere on the computer. Today, hackers are getting so good at attacking PCs that they can often install malware before a computer even ships. This malware is hard-coded into the motherboard’s BIOS and software drivers, and hackers exploit the supply chain in China in order to install these viruses.
Microsoft’s Early Launch Anti-Malware feature is designed to combat those hackers and remove any other viruses that may have been installed prior to the installation of Windows 8.
In short, this feature will make it easier for users to ensure that their computers are malware-free from the very first day they’re purchased. With the enhancement of Windows Defender, Windows 8 users are set to be more secure than ever before. But still, it remains to be seen whether or not consumers will jump on board the new operating system once it’s released on October 26.

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