Some web browser pop-up alerts either shows ads from shopping sites, too good to be true software or an alert message saying that your computer is infected and that you have to contact tech support right away to solve the problem using the number they provided in the message. This case is called Windows 7 Support – Case ID Fake Tech Support. This browser scam appears when you open a new tab, and after a couple of seconds, tons of pop-ups will occupy your screen. If you ever come across one, be sure to ignore and avoid it at all cost. This browser scam has been an annoyance and pain in the butt for many users since many of them fell prey to this scam.
This Windows 7 Support – Case ID Fake Tech Support may seem legit since it displays a fake online chat with tech support and from the name itself, “Windows 7 Support”. Each scam cases have its own ID number, you will be asked to contact the provided phone number. There are three different phone numbers used; +1 (844) 624-2339, +1 (844) 624-2338, +1 (844) 624-2336. These phone numbers are proven to be the ones that are displayed in the pop-up. If you encounter this, and is not familiar with the browser scam, be sure to check the phone numbers and yes, all the phone numbers you may come across with in the World Wide Web to avoid being the next victim and of course, avoid obtaining a high phone bill.
The attackers really stepped up their game with this browser scam since it can determine what operating system you are using. So, if you are using Windows 10, it will display “Windows 10 Support” and vice versa. Funny though how some Windows 7 Support – Case ID Fake Tech Support shows an apple icon instead of the Window’s icon. And another thing to note is that it only works on Google Chrome browser.
If you keep seeing this problem every time you open a new tab, it may be because there’s a malicious program on your browser. Shady as it seems, you must not take this for granted and find the program that caused all the problems. Like all unwanted software which brings threats, it is hard to state how the browser scam gets into your computer. So when you install a program, read and understand the license agreements first to prevent unwanted programs from getting installed together with the ones you wanted. It is also recommended that you install anti-malware programs to remove and block malwares from infecting your computer. And be sure to ignore spam emails or clicking any links from an uncertain email for it may initiate downloading of the malicious program without you knowing.
The steps below will help you remove Windows 7 Support – Case ID Fake Tech Support:
Step 1: Launch the Google Chrome browser.
Step 2: Select the More button located at the upper-right corner.
Step 3: On the drop down button, choose More tools.
Step 4: Select Extensions and remove unknown extensions

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