Your PC is not only a work station but is also a hub for entertainment. Fact of the matter is that now with the help of screensavers, you will be able to amplify your entertainment quotient. In common terms a screensaver is a changing, rotating, moving or animated image or video that runs on a computer screen when the PC is left idle. There are a plethora of screensavers that can be installed and which offer a wide variety of entertainment to the user. By default, operating systems come with preinstalled screensavers. These can be found under the display properties tab of My Computer.
Originally, the screensaver was designed for CRT monitors so as to avoid a cathode burn in. Configuring a screensaver to turn itself on during an idle time would help in preventing burnouts. As CRTs became obsolete, it led to LCD which also uses the same principles of screensaver technology. Although they are made of a completely different technology, they are yet susceptible to a burn out. This is where a screensaver comes in and helps maintain image persistence. What needs to be understood is that image persistence or burnouts are not problems anymore as they once were. Technology has changed but screensavers have still lingered on. Today, they have become more of a software accessory that adorns the screens of a user to amplify their PC experience. There are a number of screensavers that have been made by third party programmers, some of which have even gone to lengths to make them interactive. Some screensavers have also developed themselves into games while the latest additions of them are grown into 3D designs.
If you are looking out for a screensaver to give your PC experience a change of character, you can simply search the internet to help you out. Other than that you can use the default slideshow screensaver to broadcast images from your hard drive as and when your PC is idle. There are certainly a number of choices to opt from and in case none of them are able to match up to your specifications, you can always opt for creating your own screensavers. There are a number of third party programs that will help you create your own screensavers with special effects and animations and more so that they can match up to your specifications. Few of the top and widely used screensavers across the world include abstract scenes, breathtaking panoramas and multi colored cosmos.

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