There are few things more frustrating than slow hotel Wi-Fi.
When you just arrive in a new, strange city, Wi-Fi can be a lifesaver. You can figure out the best things to do around town, or you can cure your loneliness by talking to friends.
Unfortunately, some hotels have really bad Wi-Fi. It’s slow, spotty, or – worse – expensive.
Thanks to a new report, we now know which hotels have the best and worst Wi-Fi in the United States.
That report comes from Wefi, which analyzed Wi-Fi speeds across the nation. Wefi measured Wi-Fi speeds at hotels and airports as well as beaches and came up with a list of the best places to get internet across the country.
The hotels with the fastest Wi-Fi include:
Beaches with the fastest Wi-Fi include:
And airports with the fastest Wi-Fi include:
We’re not talking about a difference of a few megabits here: hotel chains like Doubletree have noticeably poor internet speeds compared to competitors like Red Roof Inns – which is nearly twice as fast as Doubletree.
In fact, you can get faster Wi-Fi at most of the airports on this list (and even 2 of the beaches) than you would get at the average Doubletree.

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Obviously, speeds are important for business travelers and for any tech-savvy hotel guests. Nobody likes slow internet speeds, and if you’re struggling to choose between a Ramada and a Doubletree, this list should make the choice even easier.

How to find hotels with the best Wi-Fi around the world

There are actually websites dedicated to testing internet speeds across the world. My favorite website for this is Hotel WiFi Test, which has measured hundreds of hotels around the world. It ranks a city’s hotels according to its internet speeds, with a rare few hotels getting speeds of over 10Mbps and most hotels falling between 2 and 5Mbps.
You can find that site here: and start browsing for hotels with the fastest internet across the world.

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