For whatever reason, there are a number of misconceptions about PC gaming out there. Some are perpetuated by jealous console gamers, while others are perpetuated by older people who know little about the platform.
Regardless of where these misconceptions come from, we’re clearing them up today. Here are the top 4 misconceptions about PC gaming that people continue to believe today.

1) There Are No Exclusive Titles Available on the PC

“Why would you buy a PC when you can get all of the same games on an Xbox One or PS4?”
Out of all the misconceptions about PC gaming, this is the one that is probably the most false.
PC actually has more exclusive titles than any other gaming platform. On the PC, you have everything from indie games to huge exclusive flagships that simply can’t run on modern console hardware.
pc gaming exclusives
I’m not going to list the thousands of indie games that are exclusive to the PC because let’s be honest: you haven’t heard of most of them. However, here are some of the major games that you can only find on PC:
-Dota 2 and League of Legends: The two most popular MOBAs in the world are both exclusive to the PC (and Mac). There’s been no mention of a console port for either MOBA. However, a third MOBA climbing the ranks called Smite is seeing a port to consoles in the near future.
-Star Citizen: Although still in Alpha, this game could be the most ambitious game ever made. It’s ridiculously massive and requires massive graphical power but takes full advantage of everything the PC has to offer.
-ARMA 2 and 3: Arguably the most realistic military simulations in the world today, ARMA 2 and 3 rely on a huge, advanced engine. These games have also become famous for launching titles like DayZ and countless other mods. Engines like the ones that run ARMA 2 and 3 simply aren’t achievable on modern console hardware.
-Indie titles like Undertale, The Stanley Parable, A Hat in Time, and thousands of others
-Classic games that you may want to go back and play, like Half Life or Battlefield 1942
Of course, countless other major titles were PC exclusives for years before launching on consoles. The Fallout and Elder Scrolls series, for example, were PC exclusives, as were Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Team Fortress 2, and The Witcher.
There is one shred of truth to this misconception: the PC will often get big-name games after they’ve arrived on the PS4 and Xbox One. This was the case with GTA V, but it’s becoming less and less common as developers begin to see the PC as a legitimate platform.

2) You Can Only Game Using a Mouse and Keyboard

“I don’t like PC gaming because I don’t like gaming on a mouse and keyboard”
One of the best parts about PCs is that you aren’t locked into gaming with a specific peripheral. Do you like using a mouse and keyboard? Use them. Do you like using an Xbox controller? Use it. PlayStation controller? Use it too.
pc gaming controller
Even controllers that are officially unsupported can be forced to work on the PC thanks to a thriving mod community. Xbox 360 and Xbox One Controllers are both supported out of the box. But older controllers – like the GameCube controller – can also be made to work on the PC.
The idea that a PC is only for mouse and keyboard gaming is ridiculous.
pc gaming controllers

3) You Can’t Play PC Games from a Couch

“I like to relax on the couch while I’m playing video games and I just can’t do that with a PC”
A PC can be placed anywhere in your house you choose to place it. Just like with a console, the HDMI cord on your PC can be plugged into a monitor, a TV, or anything else you like.
There’s nothing stopping you from putting your PC in your living room, running some wireless controllers to it, and plugging it into your big screen.
pc gaming couch
In fact, doing this with a good PC will bring you better gaming performance than with any console available today.
If you don’t like controlling your PC from the couch, then consider solutions like Steam Big Picture, which gives you a console-like interface you can use to interact with your PC from the couch without needing to type in, click, or perform other mouse-and-keyboard-like actions.
Sure, you have to jump through a couple extra hoops to run your PC from the couch, but it still doesn’t take much longer than setting up a console.

4) PC Gaming Is Just Too Expensive

“I can’t afford to spend $2,500 on a computer!”
The price debate about PC gaming is one that really incites the PC Master Race. There’s no easier way to troll a PC fanboy than by saying that PC gaming is way more expensive than console gaming.
There are two ways to argue against this.
First, you can build a PC that can run today’s games and is cheaper than a modern console. Check out this build put together by Tabuu over at PC Part
pc console killer
That build has components that significantly outperform both the Xbox One and PS4 and is available in the same price range.
If you want to go even cheaper, you can build a PC for less than that and it will still outperform modern consoles.
The second way to argue against the “PC gaming is expensive” argument is by looking at the price of games. Games are simply cheaper on PCs than they are on consoles. We’re not just talking about Steam Sales. We’re talking about Origin sales. GOG. Green Man Gaming. Amazon. There are countless PC retailers that give away games at ridiculous discount rates.
In the recent Steam sale, the Witcher 3 was available at 50% off its retail price less than a few months after launch. You could also get all the DLC on discount.
witcher 3 steam sale
Games that are 2 to 3 years old or older can also be found with 95% discounts and other ridiculous price drops.
Meanwhile, console gamers are paying $60 at EB Games for games that came out last year.
Ultimately, PC gaming is more popular today than it’s ever been before. With the PS4 and Xbox One both putting out lackluster benchmarks and shoddy graphics compared to the PC, it’s easy to see why many are opting to go with PC gaming over modern consoles.

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