It’s the change PC users have wanted for a long time: Microsoft is now taking an active hand in eliminating crapware and bloatware on its PCs.
Earlier today, Microsoft announced a new Signature Edition for all its PCs. That Signature Edition is guaranteed to be free of any third party software which could potentially affect system performance – or worse, allow hackers to infiltrate a computer.

Change was Prompted by Lenovo’s Superfish Fiasco

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you’ve probably heard about Lenovo’s whole Superfish fiasco over the past few weeks. The Chinese PC manufacturer – which currently sells more PCs than any other company in the world – was caught pre-installing adware on all its computers.
Superfish replaced Google AdWords advertisements with its own ads from Lenovo-approved partners. Users are understandably upset.
Lenovo barely tried to backpedal: they basically came out and said they were wrong to install that adware and they’ll never do it again.
In any case, many people are calling Lenovo’s Superfish issue a blessing in disguise because it has forced Microsoft’s hand into selling the new Signature Edition PCs.

What Are Microsoft Signature Edition PCs?

Microsoft’s Signature Edition PCs are available at the Microsoft store and come with a clean version of Windows.
Here’s how Microsoft describes the lineup:
“Some new PCs come pre-installed with programs, toolbars, utilities and screensavers that you might not want and may never use. This can slow down your computer and junk up your Start screen or desktop. When you buy a new PC at Microsoft Store, we ensure there’s no third-party junkware or trialware installed,”
Microsoft argues that PCs infected with junkware aren’t just dangerous: they also slow down your PC. Of course, users are also more likely to experience virus infections and other problems.
Microsoft is also advertising the fact that PCs are “always protected with free anti-virus software”. Of course, that software is just Windows Defender, which doesn’t always fare well during independent testing. But hey, it’s better than nothing.
All Signature Edition PCs are also handpicked by a team of expectations which “looks for the top PCs in the market” and carefully chooses the best of the best.
Currently, Signature Edition PCs include the ASUS Zenbook, Dell Inspiron 13, and Toshiba Satellite S55t.  All of the Signature Edition PCs are now available to order at the Microsoft Store.

All Windows 10 PCs May Be Signature Edition

For the last few months, Microsoft has constantly listened to users for feedback on Windows 10.
One of the most-requested features for Windows 10 is the ability to prevent PC manufacturers from pre-installing Windows software.
Users argue that pre-installed software doesn’t just harm users: it also harms the Microsoft brand. Of course, even if Microsoft were to implement such a feature, it seems likely that manufacturers would find a way around it.

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