Poor computer performance or a slow PC can be very annoying, but few problems can be as frustrating as system boot-up issues. Here are the top 3 reasons your computer refusing to boot, and while one of these is the likely cause it is a good idea to analyze any deep-seated issues rather than just resolve the symptoms.
Electrical Issues
There might be an obvious cause to a boot-up failure, which is that the power cables may not be plugged in or the surge protector may be causing trouble. Either of these can be promptly fixed, and are usually no cause for worry. In other cases, overheating may be hampering your computer from booting, and this may mean that the cooling fan needs to be replaced. Often this also implies that the PC is overworked, especially if you run your computer through the night for downloads or back-end work.
BIOS Issues
In many cases, failure to boot is accompanied by a series of beeps that are generated when the POST or the Power-On Self Test, an in-built error checking mechanism, detects hardware problems. This information is communicated in the form of beeps which as actually diagnostic messages, and imply that the BIOS encountered hardware or driver issues. These issues are best resolved after thorough investigation by a hardware professional.
Sometimes, however, when the BIOS detects driver problems, the problem may not be with the drivers at all. This can happen even if the settings specific to the driver configuration are lost. Now this information is stored in the CMOS RAM, which is the internal memory that does not get erased on shut down, and this part of the RAM is powered by an internal battery as it is independent of external power supply. In the event that the battery dries up, the CMOS data is deleted in which case the BIOS may fail to detect the driver settings.
One of the most significant reasons behind booting issues is a virus attack. This can pose a very serious threat to your computer, and in most cases completely removing a virus will involve formatting your hard drive and reinstalling the OS.

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