Steam is a great service for PC gamers. However, unless you’re on a blazing fast internet connection (maybe because you optimized your internet with PC Cleaner Pro?), then you’re going to have to wait at least several hours even for small games to finish downloading. While older games, which fit on a standard DVD, clock in around 4.6GB, today’s games can fill up anywhere from 12 to 15GB of your hard drive, and that means at least several hours of download time.
Fortunately, Steam has PC gamers’ backs once again. The popular online game retailer has introduced a new feature that allows gamers to download their games remotely. That way, if you suddenly get a craving to play a game at work, you can set it to download and then have it waiting for you by the time you get home.
That feature is now available on the Steam website. Simply login to your account from a PC or mobile device (using the Steam app) and manage your game library. If you haven’t yet purchased the game, then when you do so, you’ll be asked if you want to start installing the game on your home PC.
The only trick is that you’ll need to remember to leave Steam running every time you leave the house. However, this is still an innovative solution to one of Steam’s only major problems.

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