When a user launches an application, a computer looks at the actual registry.  Registry is really a reference to all of the settings with regard to operating the actual programs, owner’s file, record statements, information on the hardware and drivers. If you want to alter anything in the registry, the outcome can really crash your system and it will be a tedious task to perform slow pc fix. Almost every computer user stores their personal data which can be lost if an incorrect registry change is made.
Why is my powerful computer works so slowly?” is really a headline question, advertised almost everywhere on the cover pages of famous computer magazines. What we need to understand is computer, in the end is only a device and it’s totally upon the user to treat it with care. If you are going to install faulty programs especially those which are in their beta testing phase, it is sure to cause major problems for which a solution is yet to be defined.
If something messes up, It may need more time to fix. So for that time, you might have to live with the issue and the chances of getting your slow pc fix would diminish.
To find out the solution about “why is my powerful computer works so slowly?” you’ll need only a few steps to learn.
A new pc’s performance is actually significant. It is going very fast however within the passing of time, its computer registry needs to be rejuvenated, occasional cleaning and re-structuring is necessary to get your slow pc fix. Once the registry repair software is installed, it can automatically detect any registry problem and resolve them almost instantly. The cleaner is capable of removing abandoned files, icons, shortcuts, identical records data and even more.

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