Every laptop slows down as it gets older. But just because you have an old laptop doesn’t mean you should resign yourself to slow performance, crashes, and other computer problems.
In fact, there are plenty of affordable laptop upgrades you can make. Many powerful upgrades are available for under $50, and by spending a little bit of money today, you can ensure your laptop lasts for years into the future.
Here are a few tips to get started!
Check your memory and upgrade the RAM
If you’re looking for a cheap laptop upgrade that improves your speed and performance, then you should start with RAM. RAM is almost always the cheapest hardware upgrade to make to any computer.

Today, RAM manufacturers have made it as easy as possible to choose RAM for your laptop. Crucial has a program that will scan your computer and identify what kind of memory you need. This system scanner makes it as easy as possible to upgrade your RAM. However, it’s important to note that Crucial is a RAM manufacturer itself, so it’s going to recommend users buy only Crucial RAM. You should be able to find similarly priced RAM of the same type at any local computer hardware store.
RAM upgrades for laptops generally cost about $50 to $70, depending on how much RAM you’re getting. This might seem like a steep price to pay, but it’s an investment that can extend the lifetime of your laptop by quite a bit. Since a new laptop is going to cost at least several hundred dollars, a RAM upgrade is generally a cost-effective solution.
Buy an external hard drive
If your laptop is a few years old, then you might be encountering some storage space restrictions. If you have music, movies, games, and TV shows on your laptop, then it doesn’t take long to fill up the hard drive.
As the hard drives fills up, your computer slows down. This is the major reason why laptops slow down as they get older – the hard drive simply becomes too full for normal processes to be completed.
Fortunately, it’s easy to fix this problem. Simply buy an external hard drive and plug it into your laptop’s USB port. External hard drives are very affordable and they give users the ability to transfer all of their large data files away from their main hard drive. You’ll still be able to access your media without any problems, but your laptop will be significantly faster.

A cheaper and easier way to speed up your laptop
If you’re looking for the most cost-effective way to speed up your laptop, then look no further than PC Cleaner Pro. We heartily recommend PC Cleaner Pro to all PC users due to its award-winning design and powerful scanning technology. In fact, PC Cleaner Pro is used by tech experts around the world to fix thousands of different computer problems.
And here’s the best part: PC Cleaner Pro is free to download and try. You can download it here, scan your system, and see what kind of problems your laptop is experiencing. If PC Cleaner Pro encounters some problems on your computer, then you can choose to pay for the premium version in order to fix these problems and instantly speed up your PC.
No matter what kind of laptop upgrade you choose, there are plenty of different options out there when it comes to speeding up your laptop.

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