Life in the modern world has been so vibrantly colored by the technology and information we now possess.
With so many different avenues and options for one to spend their free time it can be easy to miss out on available opportunities.
That same technology that has helped has us so much has allowed us to become lazy and sedentary not only in our physical health, but in our mental and cultural health.
With the rush and challenge of daily life it becomes easy to get into a daily routine; eating, watching, and doing the same things. Those daily routines become monthly, which become yearly, and ultimately become your entire life.
With the amount of wealth and opportunity available on the internet today, it would be criminal not to take advantage.

Health and Fitness

That familiar old guilt that we’ve all had at some point. “I should be in better shape” or “I should eat better”. There’s a reason that so many people around the world have become overweight and unhealthy.
Dieting and exercising is tough work.  Or at least that’s how it looks from the outside. The internet has numerous resources for people looking to turn their lives around and create a better future for themselves.

Fitness Partner Helps You Workout

Fitness Partner ( is an excellent source of information on beginning an exercise program. They feature a number of articles based around common questions for beginners as well as information for people who have already been exercising and want to make their workouts more effective. They also have articles about the mental aspect of attempting to lose weight and include effective strategies for creating plans that can work for anyone. Additionally their site includes an activity calorie calculator to determine how many calories you would burn in any kind of athletic exercise.

Eat This Much Helps You Eat Smarter

The most critical component for any weight loss plan is the diet. You can spend hours in the gym, but if you aren’t eating well you won’t be seeing any results. You can try to balance carbs, proteins, vitamins, and whatever else, but at the end of the day the only factor that matters is the number of calories consumed. Eat This Much ( is an amazing little tool for creating meal plans based around any calorie target, including choosing targets for plans with certain amounts of carbs, proteins and fats. They offer a free account for making weekly plans, remembering food choices, and improving the effectiveness of the recommendation tool.

My Fridge Food and Start Cooking Help You Plan Meals

Cooking your own meals will quickly become your next issue in getting healthy. Have you ever gone to the fridge looking for something to eat and found nothing, only to repeat this act a few minutes later? My Fridge Food ( is a neat little tool for finding recipes based on the contents of your fridge. The only problem remaining is how to cook those meals. Start Cooking ( offers a number of well made video tutorials for those who are just learning how to cook, as well as people who are looking to expand their knowledge base. They also include a large number of recipes and a cookbook blog.

my fridge food

Education and Learning

One should never stop learning. The benefits of a continuing education really are uncountable. Unfortunately, the great cost has barred so many from pursuing their passions.

Free World Class Education

In a bold move, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT has decided to publish material from a number of their courses at their Open Courseware site ( The number of courses available is quite extensive, including all of the major areas of study. In a similar vein, Khan Academy ( offers lessons on common secondary school subjects up to the end of high school. It also offers lessons for computer programming and computer science.

Free Novels, Stories, and Books

Learning practical concepts and educating ourselves are beneficial pursuits, however what they can teach us about the world is somewhat limited. The most useful and perhaps only real way to explore the world of the past and its people is through books and literature. Novels and old stories paint the past in a way that history books never could. The Gutenberg Project ( offers a library of digital books, available free. If reading doesn’t suit you then LibriVox ( offers a wide selection of audio books for you to listen to anywhere you like.

Cultured Entertainment

One of the most prevalent time stealers in modern life is television. How many hours have you spent vegging out on the couch watching the same show or movie over and over again? Personally I don’t know if I want to know. There’s nothing wrong with watching television, but it can be rewarding and beneficial to your life to watch informative and unique programs.

Cord Cutters Rejoice with Unplug the TV

Unplug The TV ( is a simple site which offers a random documentary, talk, or educational video. One of the hardest things to do is to choose what to watch because there are so many choices. This site gives you an avenue to discover new subjects that you might not have heard about, and the topics vary substantially.
unplug the tv

TED Gives You World-Class Talks from Industry Experts

Another great site which become fairly well known is TED ( TED offers a number of “talks” from a wide range of people who are experts in their fields or simply something interesting to say. They offer very insightful and unique videos as well as talented speakers who are both engaging and entertaining.
I don’t know about you, but I spend way too much time on Reddit and not enough time taking advantage of the internet’s educational opportunities. Take advantage of the sites above today and you can enjoy an online education.

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