It’s been a little while since Nvidia released its GTX 700 series. And that means it’s almost time to get excited for the GTX 900 series!
Rumors are flying this week that Nvidia is preparing to unveil a new lineup of GTX 900 series cards.
In fact, early benchmarks for those cards may have already been leaked., of all places, appears to have got its hands on GTX 900 performance tests and benchmarks.
These tests show the GTX 900 series’ performance against competitors on 3DMark Fire Strike:

gtx 900

Notable remarks from that benchmark test include:
-The GTX 980 is outperforming the AMD Radeon R9 290X
-The GTX 980 also outperforms a stock-clocked GTX 70 Ti by a fair margin
-The GTX 970 appears similar to a stock-clocked GTX Titan, which is a significant performance boost over the GTX 770 from the previous generation also posted tests for the lineup of 900 series cards for laptops (970M and 980M). Both chips appear to be significantly more powerful than the GTX 880M and R9 M290X – and that SLI performance is something spectacular.

 gtx 900m

And before you ask about the missing GTX 800 series, it appears that Nvidia is skipping that series and going directly to the 900 series. What will Nvidia do after the 900 series? Nobody knows.
In any case, these benchmark results are far from confirmed. They’ve been posted on one random website and Nvidia hasn’t even confirmed that it’s even developing the 900 series. It might be a while before we see these cards on store shelves, but based on these results, it’s another strong showing from Nvidia (not that we can see power consumption or other valuable metrics).

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