Hacking group Lizard Squad is selling a DDoS attack tool for just $6 per month. This DDoS tool could allow anyone to take down online platforms they dislike.
At the start of December 2014, nobody had heard about the Lizard Squad. If you had talked about Lizard Squad to an average person on the street, they would have probably called the police on you for being insane.
By the end of December, things had changed. Lizard Squad took down Playstation Network and Xbox Live on Christmas Day and for several days afterwards.
Lizard Squad also attempted to take down Steam a few days later, although they only ended up taking down a single server.
Now we know why Lizard Squad took down Xbox Live and Playstation Network: they weren’t doing it “for the lulz”; they were selling a service!

DDoS attacks starting at $6 per month

Lizard Squad has officially launched its own DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) tool which lets anyone take down a website (or at least attempt to) for just $6 per month.
lizard squad 2
For those who don’t know, DDoS attacks are one of the bluntest online attacks you can launch. Basically, you just pick an IP address and target that address with massive amounts of bandwidth. Eventually, the site or server is overloaded and gets taken down or becomes extremely slow.
You can use DDoS attacks to target websites, gaming servers, businesses, or even your friend’s home internet connection.

The same tool that wiped out PSN and Xbox Live

This simplistic attack was enough to prevent PSN and Xbox Live users from playing games all Christmas long. The attack successfully took down both Xbox Live and PSN for Christmas Day and several days thereafter.
The new DDoS tool is called Lizard Stresser and it offers a competitive lineup of pricing schemes, as seen below:
lizard stresser
A sales pitch for Lizard Stresser claims that, “This booter is famous for taking down some of the world’s largest gaming networks such as Xbox Live [and] Playstation Network.”
The funny part about the sales copy is that it also claims the tool can be used for totally legal reasons:
“The opportunity to make your firewalls better, not to misuse against the law.” See? It’s just a stress testing tool for your own servers.
Payments must be made in BitCoin. The larger packages can be purchased for life. Paying $6 per month gets you 100 seconds of DDoS attack, which should be enough to take down a smaller website for a brief period of time.
Larger websites, however, won’t even register that DDoS attack. That is, unless you purchase the 30,000 second package for $130 per month and $500 lifetime.
“Lifetime”, by the way, is defined as a 5 year period.
As one of the Lizard Squad members himself claims, larger attacks could wipe out an entire city’s internet connection:
lizard squad
At this point, payments are only available in Bitcoin, although the Lizard Squad claims PayPal support is coming in the future. That’s probably not going to happen, because PayPal instantly shuts down accounts which are linked with any activities it deems inappropriate – even “server stress testers.”

Worth buying?

As far as I know, Lizard Squad is the only online entity currently selling DDoS attacks. I mean, it’s just not something that people normally sell.
If you have a website you hate or a friend’s internet connection you want to wipe out, then yeah, Lizard Stressor may be worth a buy. But you’re just using it to stress your servers, right?

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