Halo fans and PC gamers, it’s time to get excited. Microsoft could be releasing the next version of Halo, Halo 5, on both Xbox and PC.
That rumor comes from PC Gamer, which recently conducted an interview with Microsoft’s Xbox head, Phil Spencer.
Spencer claims the company hasn’t done a good job of supporting PC gaming over the next few years. It plans to change that in the near future starting with Windows 10.
In other words, Halo 5 could be the “killer app” that gets users clamoring for Windows 10.
The second piece of evidence comes from E3, where Microsoft has scheduled a presentation at the PC Gaming Show.
The PC Gaming Show is E3’s first PC gaming event, by the way, and Microsoft could start it off with a bang by announcing Halo 5.
Just like Halo saved the original Xbox, Halo 5 could save the PC and bring people running back to Windows.
Of course, none of this is official, and we’ll have to wait to E3 before we know for sure.

Xbox One and PC Cross-Platform Capabilities Could Be in the Near Future

One of the most exciting parts about Halo 5 on PC could be cross-platform warfare.
Many games have promised cross-platform warfare, and many games have failed to deliver.
There are some people who say PC gamers are too accurate, or console players get too much aim assist, or there’s huge network problems between the two.
Halo 5 is a big enough franchise to make cross-platform gameplay work.
Microsoft has talked a lot about how easy it will be to port games from the Xbox One to Windows PCs. What better way to demonstrate that than by porting Halo 5 to Xbox?
Ultimately, Microsoft wants everyone to play their Xbox One and nothing else. But if it wants Windows 10 to succeed, then it also needs to focus on one of the largest groups of PC users in the world today: PC gamers.
That’s a group that has been ignored since Windows 7 and the disastrous Games for Windows Live. Could Microsoft win back the hearts of PC gamers with Halo 5 on PC? Probably.

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