For whatever reason, Microsoft chose to remove the Start menu in Windows 8.
The decision has been compared to Coke’s idea to ditch its original recipe and launch ‘New Coke’ – something everybody hated.
Ultimately, the plan was a complete failure. People avoided Windows 8 purely because it didn’t have a Start button.
Well finally, in August 2014, Microsoft will re-introduce the Windows 8 Start button along with a Start Menu.
Microsoft actually reintroduced the Start button in Windows 8.1, but it was a fake Start button. When clicked, users were taken to the Modern UI and saw a list of their apps – which is exactly which users didn’t want to happen when they clicked the Start button.


In August or September 2014, it looks like we’ll have a real, working Start menu for Windows 8.1. Just in time for Windows 9 to be launched in September 2015!
Honestly, it’s stupid that we have to make a big deal out of this news. Why didn’t Microsoft just include the Start button in the first place? When will Microsoft start listening to its users? Will Windows 9 be any better?
Anyways, the update hasn’t officially been announced by Microsoft, but it has been announced by a couple industry insiders like Mary Jo Foley and The Verge’s Tom Warren.
Foley claims the update – called Windows 8.1 Update 2 – will arrive in August 2014, while others claim it will arrive in September 2014.
Other disputed features include windowed Metro apps. Foley believes they will be included in the upcoming update, while Warren does not.
At this point, it’s too little too late for Microsoft. With Windows 9 likely arriving in September 2015, why would anyone upgrade to Windows 8.1 now?

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