On August 2, 2016, Windows 10 will no longer be free for existing Windows users. As it’s always been planned, Microsoft is pulling the promotion after one year.
If you already missed the deadline, then you may think it’s too late to download Windows 10 for free. However, we already know of a few ways to still get Windows 10 for free – including some 100% legal ways and a few shady ways.
With that in mind, let’s take a look at how to get Windows 10 for free after August 2, 2016:

3) Turn Back Your System Clock

Some Reddit users are reporting that you can simply turn back your system clock – to a date before August 2, 2016 – to get the free Windows 10 update.
After turning back the clock, you can still download the Windows 10 installation files. Users report they were able to enter pretty much any Windows key and still get the download to work.
At this point, it’s too early to say whether this is just a grace period thing, or if it’s a legitimate loophole that will stay open for months. In any case, this appears to work with any Windows keys – even obviously-pirated ones.
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Turning back your system clock is as easy as right-clicking on the time on your system tray and clicking Adjust Date/Time. Turn back the clock to a date when Windows 10 was free, then enjoy your free upgrade offer.

2) The Assistive Technologies Loophole

This loophole is so filthy you’re going to want to shower after you use it.
However, Microsoft long ago announced that it would waive the free upgrade deadline for customers who use assistive technologies – like Braille peripherals or a mouse that requires less dexterity.
This loophole was reported by The Verge’s Tom Warren, who says all you need to do is download an EXE file from Microsoft’s Accessibility site, which is hidden from the general public.
You can find that accessibility website here.
You don’t even need to do anything once you’re on that accessibility website – like prove that you have a disability. You just click the Upgrade Now button and it starts.
windows 10 assistive loophole
Obviously, this loophole is not intended for people without disabilities. In an interview with ZDNet, Microsoft explained that the assistive technologies loophole is not “intended to be a workaround for people who don’t use assistive technology and who missed the deadline for the free offer.”
Still, it’s there if you want to use it (although we don’t recommend it).

1) Keep Using Windows 10 Without a Genuine Product Key

This loophole might stop working in a few days, but it’s worked okay for over a year so far.
Basically, you just download and install Windows 10 as you normally would – but never enter an upgrade key. That’s it.
You’re using a non-genuine version of Windows 10. However, you never have to upgrade it to enjoy most Windows features. In fact, the only major restriction on a non-genuine version of Windows 10 is that you can’t mess around with your personalization settings. So yeah, you can continue using Windows 10 without a license without suffering too much of a setback.
Obviously, Fix My PC Free does not recommend breaking the law to get around the Windows 10 free upgrade offer. It’s also not clear how long any of the above loopholes will last.

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