GTA V is the world’s most popular game exclusive to consoles.
Although GTA V was rumored to launch on PC in Q1 2014, that clearly hasn’t happened. Rockstar hasn’t made any indication about a PC release of its flagship title, but it’s widely expected to arrive in the near future.
Here are the latest rumors about GTA V arriving on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 4.
-Porting GTA V from Xbox 360 to PC would be relatively easy, according to someone in the know
-However, porting to Xbox One and PS4 would be “very hard” and not very feasible
-GTA V isn’t ignoring the PC, but it’s reportedly more focused on GTA Online at the moment
-According to sources, the PC version of GTA V will most likely arrive in 2014
-Rockstar is moving slowly on its PC development because it wants to maximize its console sales first and continue to convert buyers who were waiting for a PC launch
The news that GTA V is coming out on PC “sometime in 2014” is good and bad: many gamers were hoping to play GTA V on PC by March 2014, but at least there appear to be some plans to develop it on PC – unlike Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption, which was never ported.
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Are you going to buy GTA V when it comes out on PC?  I lined up at midnight to buy GTA V for my Xbox 360, and I can see myself doing the same thing when it comes out on PC. How can you pass up better graphics and awesome mods?

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