Who knew passwords were such an annoyance? Over the last few years, more and more hardware manufacturers have made an effort to remove the password from our daily lives. The iPhone has its ‘swipe’ command instead of a lock screen, while Windows 8 has its unique touch commands, both of which make typing in a password a problem of the past.
Intel wants to be the next company to jump on board the ‘no password’ revolution. And it wants to do so in a unique way. Intel has reportedly developed a system that allows a computer program to identify a user by the unique veins on the palm of their hand. Users simply swipe their palm over a sensor, which then reads the unique designs that are on everybody’s hand.
Of course, Intel acknowledges that there are plenty of other biometric password systems available for consumers. Why would people choose their system? Well, Intel has gone above and beyond the call of duty. Its password system not only logs users into the computer itself, but it will also log users into whatever personal applications they use on that device, from online banking to email and more.
Basically, Intel wants to make a system that’s convenient and secure. Since the palms of our hands are already all over our computers, it’s not difficult to swipe the palm over a certain part of the computer to sign in.
There is one limitation to Intel’s new vein recognition system: your blood has to be flowing in order to use it. Vampires are out of luck. Oh, and if you’re thinking of cutting off somebody else’s hand to get access to their online banking? Forget about it.

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