If you are looking for means that will help you understand as to how to make your computer run faster, then the following lines are to read carefully. Firstly you need to understand that you need quite need to be a computer geek to sort this problem out. Getting your computer to speed up is not at all a hard task. Considering that computers have become a very important aspect of your life and with such excessive usage, chances of the speed getting affected are really high. There are some people who solve the speed related problem by going in with something call the over locking. However this is a slightly risky issue as it brings about a high speed working of the CPU. This is definitely bringing a huge amount of risk onto the CPU alone which would or might end up getting burned. The ones who know enough about computers or who are willing to shell out money on the replacement when the CPU burns down go with this option; it is definitely not for everyone.
You could go in for an additional RAM. This works for most people, as it actually brings about a great speed. The computer does manage to pick up speed in the necessary departments, however if the RAM is not making any difference, then it is obvious that you need to search in the other areas. Like for instance, check up for registry based corrupted. The windows registry as such is a very important aspect of one’s computers. The files are written and also deleted from the registry. Hence, chances of some error or problem in this area might be a reason for the problems related to the speed. The thing that needs to be done immediately if the problem is of registry is to clean it. It manages to fix the files that have been creating the slowdown. The registry usually gets corrupted with such problems and eventually it starts following up in the other aspects of the OS as well. Therefore, a quick repair is necessary; you can purchase a registry cleaner or go in for a free one.

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