A few years ago, Apple came up with a clever marketing scheme: let’s tell people we’re in a “Post PC” era.
The Post PC era referred to Apple’s resurgence against Microsoft. While PCs were the most popular computers throughout the 1990s and 2000s, that trend shifted around 2008/2009 as smartphones and tablets became more popular.
Living in the Post PC era meant no longer sitting down at your desktop computer every day to do what you needed to do on your computer.
It meant opening your iPhone or iPad or sitting in front of the TV and multitasking.

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Of course, Microsoft gets a bit insulted when people say we’re living in a Post PC era. That’s why Microsoft’s new CEO Satya Nadella has thought of a good comeback:
“I think we’re at the very beginning of what I describe as the post-post PC era.”
Nadella said that in an interview at Re/Code’s coding conference last week.
The Post Post PC era sounds cool, but what does it actually mean? And what evidence does Nadella have for it?
Nadella uses Skype Translator as an example. Skype Translator aims to offer real-time speech translation for people on two different ends of the world.
Nadella says something like Skype Translator offers a personalized experience no matter which device you’re using: PC, smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.
Personally, I think Lenovo has the better approach to the Post PC era statement: Lenovo says we’re now living in a PC Plus world, which is probably the most accurate out of all three claims.

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