When a car breaks down, most people bring out their wallet and prepare to pay a hefty charge. When computers break down, some people do the same. But is this really necessary? Do you really have to pay a lot of money in order to fix your PC?
The smart answer is: no. If you know a few simple tips and tricks, free PC repair is easy! Whether you want to spend 0 dollars on fixing your computer or under 100 dollars, fixing a PC is not nearly as expensive as many people think.
Here are a few of our favorite methods of free PC repair.

Use Windows to your advantage

Windows 7 (and previous versions of Windows) come with all sorts of free PC repair tools and applications. Take a look under the Start menu -> Accessories -> System tools folder and you’ll find everything from disk cleanup tools to disk defragmenters, both of which can cure your PC of common ailments.
The disk cleanup tool is particularly useful for fixing computer problems. It deletes temporary internet files and other useless data from your hard drive. In some cases, viruses are hiding within these temporary internet files, so when you clean up your computer, you can also remove malware threats.
Windows also helps you recover from other PC errors. When a program crashes, Windows will often attempt to remedy the problem itself. While this troubleshooting process can be hit-and-miss, it can occasionally solve the problem you are experiencing.

The internet is free

The internet is the world’s largest depository of free PC repair information. If you ever have a problem with your computer, Google some of the symptoms you are experiencing. You may be surprised to find how many other people share your complaints. While every computer is different, there will probably be somebody, somewhere who has experienced your problem at some point in the past. By searching the internet for your problem, you can find free, helpful troubleshooting advice.
Besides, in many cases, this is all PC repair professionals will do to solve your problem. They may try some basic troubleshooting techniques, but for many problems, they will turn to the internet for help and then charge you hundreds of dollars on your PC repair bill. Avoid having this happen to you by searching the internet before taking your computer to a repair shop.

Driver upgrades and patches

Nearly every program on your computer has security updates and patches that will keep your system up to date. In many cases, these free software upgrades will fix common computer problems and speed up your PC while they’re at it.
Check for driver updates for your video card, for example, as well as other hardware components like your motherboard or even your sound card. By keeping your computer up to date with patches, you can save money on PC repair and keep your computer running fast for years into the future.

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