What if your personal computer is running slower than usual? Have your tried out anything to solve your slow computer problem?
Numerous home computer users are usually going through the same issue and many of them are either irritated or frustrated working on a slow computer. There is no need to worry as you can now find plenty of solutions which can be used to fix slow computer problem. Slow running computer is a very common problem found in windows operating system which is completely dependent upon its registry file that hold key links and file attributes.
It has been often noticed that novice users tend to blame their existing computer hardware as the main cause and so they plan to upgrade their computer hardware. But unfortunately, that is not the case all the time. Every individual computer user has good and bad computing habits. Where good habits can fix slow computer, bad habits include installation of any/every software that looks/sounds catchy without knowing its impact on the system. Many download sites offer different types of software or tools which are packaged with cracks that contain virus or malware.
Using a free anti-virus with limited edition might be another reason as it may not provide complete protection against external threats coming from the internet websites. The rate at which virus development is happening, you must buy or subscribe to any popular anti-virus with internet security that not only provides defense against spyware, malware and viruses, it also protects your system from any hacking or zombie attacks too.
Even the most trustworthy applications available for download on the internet can cause sluggish behavior as they could be requiring more hardware resources as suggested in their minimum installation requirements. So, to fix slow computer problem you need to carefully evaluate your computer specifications when taking a call, on installing any external program that is compatible to run, on your windows operating system version.

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