Normally, when you see someone walking around with a briefcase you assume they have some important documents in there. If you’re a particularly paranoid person, then you may think that the briefcase user is walking around with a nuclear briefcase bomb.
But if you saw Reddit user Yoshiwars walking around with a briefcase, you would have to assume he’s walking around with his newest computer – a powerful device that fits neatly into a small briefcase.
And despite the laptop/briefcase’s raggedly experience, it actually houses some pretty powerful hardware. Here are its most important features:
-The ability to run multiple operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, and a virtual machine
-A mouse and keyboard that slide comfortably into the case for carrying
-15-inch monitor display built into the rear wall of the briefcase
-16GB of RAM
-Intel Core i5 2500K CPU
-Single slot graphics card
-Normal power supply taken from a standard desktop computer


Yoshiwars has appropriately dubbed the computer “The Briefcase Computer.” It’s not a whole lot different than a laptop, but you sure look a lot more professional when you’re carrying it around. Its shortcomings include the fact that it is apparently quite heavy, and it also doesn’t include speakers.
Sure, at first glance you might think, “I’d rather buy a laptop.” But good luck finding a laptop that comes with leather carrying straps on the top. And try walking into a courtroom with a cute little MacBook Air tucked under your arms and see how professional you feel.
If you’re looking for a laptop and don’t care about how thin or ‘cool’ it looks, then you might want to hit up Yoshiwars on Reddit. If you give him the right price, he might just take your order.

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