Windows 10 is just around the corner. Set for release in summer of 2015, we’ve decided to celebrate the upcoming launch of Windows 10 by revealing our top 5 favorite features seen so far.

5) Windows Holographic

This is the coolest feature of Windows 10 that most average people still aren’t freaking out about: the Windows Holographic and Windows HoloLens will pave the way for augmented reality.
Windows Holographic is a software which will be included on all Windows 10 purchases. It will allow developers to create virtual 3D environments which will then be transmitted to users via the HoloLens – an augmented reality headset which works in a similar way to the Oculus Rift.
Microsoft is also releasing HoloStudio, another software program which lets users create a 3D model on their PC and then print off that model using a 3D printer. How awesome is that?
I’m partly excited that augmented reality will be easier to develop, but also excited that Windows 10 is taking an active role in developing PC gaming and PC software – that gives me hope that Micro$oft cares about the PC beyond the next earning report.

4) Cortana

Sometimes, on those lonely nights working late on my PC, I wish my computer would talk to me. With Windows 10, that won’t just be a dream: it will be a reality.
Cortana has already been integrated into the early builds of Windows 10. It’s used as a Siri-like search tool. With a few more updates, Cortana should be able to schedule appointments, give you information about local restaurants, and be your new best friend (I’m not sure about the last one).
In any case, I’m looking forward to having my laptop on the kitchen counter and yelling across the room, “Hey Cortana, play some White Stripes.” (Seriously, you activate Cortana by saying “Hey Cortana.”)

3) Spartan Browser

Microsoft tried mightily to fix the broken reputation of Internet Explorer. But they ultimately failed. Despite the fact that later versions of IE have been pretty good, Chrome and Firefox are still the browsers of choice for more PC users than IE.
Spartan Browser could change that. It’s going to come with some cool (and unique) features like:
Reading Mode (works like the Chrome extension Pocket) allows users to save a page with the click of a button. You can later read that page offline on any device
Make notes over certain web pages, then save those notes to OneDrive, and share the notes or make them collaborative.
Full Cortana synchronization which makes the browser smarter. In one example Microsoft showed us, an employee typed in “Southwest” into the search bar and Cortana, recognizing the user had previously booked a flight with that airline, displayed upcoming flight information below the URL address bar.
Spartan was initially a code name for the new Internet Explorer, but it’s looking more and more like Microsoft might keep the name for the full release.

2) DirectX12, the Xbox App, and the Future of PC Gaming

Xbox and Windows 10 are designed to get along from the ground up. Windows 10 will come with an Xbox app that lets you see what games your Xbox One friends are using. You can also join their parties, record gameplay, and stream from Xbox to PC and back again.
Oh, and did I mention there’s cross-device multiplayer?
You can also save video footage to your OneDrive account with a click, and then edit that footage on your PC seconds later. That will be useful for the Let’s Play community.
You can get a better idea for how this works by watching the video below:
Windows 10 will also come with DirectX 12, which will come with the usual blend of optimization improvements, graphical enhancements, and overall better PC gaming experiences.

1) Surface Hub

Microsoft has spent most of its Windows 10 marketing talking about how the new OS will benefit the average user – you know, like you and me.
They haven’t forgotten about you hardworking corporate users, though. The best demonstration of that is with Surface Hub. Surface Hub lets you use Windows 10 to create a boardroom presentation device.
In Microsoft’s demo, Surface Hub was showed on two different screens: 55 inch and 84 inch, both of which had a 4K display. You’ll need to buy those screens from Microsoft because they’re specially designed to sync all the cameras, sensors, and microphones together in perfect harmony.
Microsoft is designing Surface Hub to be the boardroom of the future. Based on what we’ve seen so far, that could certainly be the case.

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