I don’t know about you, but I only use one gamepad on my PC. That gamepad is an Xbox 360 controller.
The Xbox 360 controller is arguably the best controller ever made. The Xbox One controller, however, is a serious contender.
The Xbox One controller has been around for several months and, a few months ago, Microsoft released controller drivers for Windows.
Today, Microsoft finally got around to releasing the actual Xbox One controller for Windows. That controller is identical to the Xbox One controller for consoles in every way but one: it’s wired.
The Xbox One controller provides a significant improvement over your old wired Xbox 360 controller. Notable improvements include:
-New D-Pad which features a four point design instead of the awkward-to-press circular D-Pad of the Xbox 360 controller
-Two trigger buttons beneath a single trigger on either side of the gamepad
-A noticeably more solid design
-New analog sticks that are smaller, tighter, and more responsive than their predecessors

xbox one pc controller

Honestly, I don’t care that this controller is wired. Wireless controllers just give you one more thing to worry about: charging. Plus, most people don’t game on their PCs from across the room, so the length of the wire shouldn’t be a problem.
I’ve always been more of a keyboard-and-mouse fan instead of a gamepad fan – especially when it comes to shooters.
But I have to say that in my limited use with the Xbox One controller, I’ve been very happy with its performance – I don’t miss quite as many easy headshots.

Microsoft also releases “universal” mobile keyboard that works with iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices

Along with the new Xbox One controller for Windows, Microsoft also revealed some other exciting hardware. They released something called the Universal Mobile Keyboard, for example, which costs $80 and works with Windows, iOS, and Android devices. That’s very cool.
Even cooler is that the keyboard features a stand which will automatically prop up your tablet as you type.
You can quickly switch between three different devices using a slider in the top-right corner of your keyboard screen. You can type on anything from a Galaxy S5 to an iPad to a Surface Pro using this keyboard. Not too shabby.
microsoft universal mobile keyboard
Anyways, say what you want about Microsoft tablets, but I really like this keyboard.

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