Florida Voters urge Secretary of State to address threats to next month’s elections: 14-17 Counties have defective firmware chip that causes errors in results reports. 16 Counties have problem causing optical scan machines to freeze or shut down…New York -One Person, No Vote?…Time for South Carolina to adopt paper ballots says Eleanor Hare, Assoc Prof Computer Science at Clemson U: “As long as we use these unverifiable voting machines, we can neither confirm nor invalidate unexpected election results with certainty.” ..Possible boycott of India EVMs…

All this and more in todays’ voting news below…

CO: Denver rolls out ballot-tracking program for mail-in primary votes

CO: Colorado’s 2010 primary election voting-service centers
The Aug. 10 primary will be a mail-in ballot election, but there are 13 voting-service centers, where voters can drop off their ballots and the disabled can vote on touch-screen machines

CT: Secretary of State Has No Business Doing This people to join only 2 of the many parties in Connecticut, just because those 2 are the only ones having primaries, is just, in my humble opinion, wrong, wrong wrong for an official elected to uphold the integrity of elections for all parties and participants.

FL: Florida Voters Urge Secretary of State to Address Serious Threats to Next Month’s Electionsclick here
Voting System Defects, Lax Cyber Security and Administrative Procedures & Inadequate County Funding Threaten to Undermine Upcoming Florida Elections

FL: Judge throws out Legislature’s redistricting amendment Leon County circuit judge today struck from the ballot Amendment 7, the Legislature’s redistricting amendment aimed at undermining the Fair Districts proposals to create standards in drawing legislative and congressional lines.

FL: Legislature’s redistricting amendment declared misleading Legislature’s decision to counter the Fair Districts Florida redistricting amendment with its own was declared misleading by Judge James Shelfer, who tossed it off the ballot. His ruling is sure to be appealed.

Shelfer said it took him three days to understand the meaning of Amendment 7 and that he couldn’t foresee how an average voter would grasp its description during a few minutes in the voting booth.

FL: Where’s my absentee ballot? Floridians can find out online
Voters can also check their registration status, polling location,0,5561499.story

FL: Military voters to get earlier ballots this year
MANATEE — Deployed military and overseas voters should be among the earliest voters in Florida primary election history starting Friday when absentee ballots are expected to be distributed.

GA: Paulding voters face changes the polls open on Election Day, July 20, there will be a few changes for Paulding voters.

Deidre Holden, supervisor of the Election and Registrations Department, said the changes include moving 53,000 of the 78,996 registered voters into new precincts, as approved by the United States Department of Justice.

The changes to the precincts were triggered by the reduction from 28 to 14

NY: More Voices for a Better Overvote Procedure in New York
click here
better_overvote_procedure_in_new_york/ panel of leading computer scientists wrote to the Boards of Elections yesterday to emphasize that “[t]he most obvious solution to this problem is to set the voting machines to reject overvoted ballots” Because no software would be modified, testing of the change can be expected to be simple, straightforward and efficient, and to take no more than a day.”

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