As of today, Windows is the most used operating system for family available to PC users. Most computer users will choose Windows rather than any others OS because Windows is a reliable and efficient system that is unparalleled so far. Other things that make great Windows are its user-friendliness and usability. It is also almost impossible to have an alternative to Windows. Windows has lots of great features that are good performing like the process list, the Windows Registry, the disk management system, and more. With them, your computer can run Windows smoothly and efficiently. Be aware, that problems part of those functions can result in having Windows to slow down a lot. This behaviour is not the welcome for any PC user. Here PC Health Advisor you will learn a whole more about PC Health Advisor.

A program from computer utility expert Paretologic, PC Health Advisor, can be used to solve all the previous problems just mentioned in this article. This all-in-one package will quickly optimize your computer besides solving on the spot any problems it will find in the functions coming with your Windows installation. PC Health Advisor can be used as a comprehensive package that can help you to get the most out of your computer, no matter which version of Windows it runs on. Check here PC Health Advisor for some reviews about PC Health Advisor, and here  Windows 7 registry cleaner review for Windows 7 Registry cleaners reviews. Here are some features you can find in PC Health Advisor:

1.    You have an option that will do a full system scan of the file system, the Windows Registry and the process list looking for anything wrong. This software will find out any problems part of the 3 previously mentioned features.

2.    Registry scanner and fixer – This feature will check your Windows Registry for any unwanted entry, or any entry that has been put by some false applications. Once detected, this feature will delete those entries besides optimizing the Registry space. Result is that Windows will execute itself faster, and smoother.

3.    Malware protection – A spyware shield is integrated into PC Health Advisor to protect your computer against those threats. This shield will run in the background as a daemon, scanning your system for any malware. The malware definition database do gets updates on a regular basis. So you get the best protection against those malware.

4.    File shredder – This feature is very good since you can fully delete any files, or folders, you don’t want anymore without leaving any kind of traces on your PC (Windows will leave traces when deleting files).

5.    Bonus tools – You can find a feature called the scan scheduler that will do a full system scan of your computer any time you want. Even if you’re not near the computer.

So, don’t forget that PC Health Advisor is one of the best protection and optimization package available for you out there.

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