It doesn’t matter how fast your computer is when it leaves the store, when you get it home and use it for a little while it will start to run really slow. In fact, that is probably one of the largest complaints that we hear when people bring us their computers. the conversation with them usually begins with the sentence “My computer is running really slow” and we go from there.

What is it that causes computers to grind along like they about to stop?  generally there are just a few things that cause this to happen. Finding the one that is causing your computer to slow down is usually fairly easy, making it go away and speeding your computer back up to its original glory is not. Here are 3 things that may be causing you to find your computer running slow.

Spyware in Your Computer – A few short years ago you never even heard the word spyware, now there are many words to describe it. Some call it malware or scumware, but spyware is the general term that we are going to use. this is malicious software that is planted on your computer and causes all kinds of problems, from popups to stolen passwords.

Removing them requires some anti spyware software which you can download from the Internet or you can use a system and registry scanner which will stop and kill malware as soon as it starts to run.

Registry errors – the windows registry is something a lot of people know little about. It controls a lot of things on your computer, but if there are any errors in the registry this will cause your computer to slow down. You can also fix this with software available on the internet to prevent your computer running reall slow.

Your best bet is to take care of these problems in the order listed, because even if your computer does have  a problem, more than likely it is also infested with malware that needs to be cleaned anyway. Click here to scan your computer now and stop it running very slow.

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