In the computer industry the phase of evolution or improvement is very fast. Every year you will notice that there is a new type of PC that is included in the high end type of PC that is faster than what you own. It is not only desktop computers but also laptops are also evolving very fast.In the computer industry, the stage of evolution or improvement is very fast. Each year you will notice a new type of PC that is included in the high end type of PC that is faster than what you own.It is not only desktop computers but laptops also Also evolving very quickly. this year the fastest PC you but next year they would in staat to see if building a new and quicker and you will zeer Your computer does not always slow.It find a solution to the latest type of computer to buy a fast PC. There are several reasons why your PC is not as effective as new are several reasons and quick solutions you can use without spending that much on the computer is running very slow.Registry problems to stop. Registry problems will slow your PC big time. if your software has a problem with its registry code will not function properly or even an effect with your other applications. You'll know when you register a number of problems when your applications do not work or it crashes most of the time you use it.Fix. You can fix this by downloading or installing registry repair software. Make sure the registry repair software that you will use is safe to use and will be your problem. after installing or downloading run the registry repair software and it will register problems.low memory or RAM low Solution: if your system reports low memory on your video card or your system RAM and you have a lot of applications open will slow down your PC's performance . Fix. The solution may cost you something, but it's not so expensive. You need to upgrade your video card or RAM to improve performance of your files PC.Corrupted. Another reason for delaying your computer is corrupted files. if you have corrupted files on your computer processing will be slow, because it will try them.Fix use. Detect or scan for damaged files and after that you must remove. this is done automatically for you with a system and registry cleaner

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