Titanfall is one of the most anticipated games on the year. It’s the first major project from the original creators of Call of Duty (Zampella and Collier), both of whom left the company over “creative differences.”
Those “creative differences” boil down to this: should we release a single high-quality game every few years or should we release one decent game every year and milk our users for every dollar they have?
Zampella and Collier picked the first option, while Infinity Ward picked the second one. Long story short, Titanfall is the one single high-quality game released every few years, and gamers are expecting big things from it.
Titanfall is kind of like a mech-based Call of Duty. It features player versus player gameplay with a twist: along with battling other players with guns and small arms, you can also use massive, technologically advanced mechs. Players can take down mechs, and mechs can take down players, but the game is designed to be as balanced as possible.
But the biggest twist about Titanfall could be its installation size. Vince Zampella recently revealed that the Titanfall installation file will be 21GB to download and a massive 48GB hard drive install.

@Ahmed_Zainal approx: 21gb download, 48gb installed.
— Vince Zampella (@VinceZampella) February 24, 2014

Fortunately for average PC users, the rest of Titanfall’s system requirements aren’t nearly that intense. It only requires 512MB of video RAM, for example, and 4GB of RAM. That’s not bad and it should make the game accessible to PC users of all different resource levels.
Unless you’ve got a massive SSD, you’re probably not going to fit Titanfall on your PC’s high-speed hard drive.

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