The Xbox 720 rumor scene is heating up in a major way. Last week, we learned some technical specifications about the Xbox 720. We also learned that it might not be called the Xbox 720 at all.
Instead, Microsoft might call its newest console the ‘new Xbox’. But whatever you call it, it appears that the newest member of the Xbox family will be ready in time for Thanksgiving 2012.
And we’re not relying on some dodgy sources for this information. Instead, this rumor comes from Bloomberg, one of the world’s most reliable and trustworthy news agencies. Bloomberg cites “people…who declined to be identified”, so take the claim with a grain of salt.

But the Thanksgiving claim isn’t totally outlandish. The initial reports of the new Xbox claimed that it would be ready in time for Christmas 2013. And getting the new console out before the Thanksgiving weekend sales extravaganza would probably be a good marketing strategy for Microsoft, so you can bet that they’ll work around the clock to ensure their console makes that date.
So if you were thinking about buying an Xbox 360 for Christmas 2012, you might want to think again. Why buy the Xbox 360 today when you can wait less than a year and get a vastly superior console for Thanksgiving 2013?
In any case, I don’t think I’ll be spending a lot of time with my family that weekend.

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