If you’ve browsed through the catalog of laptops and desktop computers at Best Buy or Future Shop lately, then you may have seen a few advertisements for “refurbished” laptops.
What is a refurbished laptop? And why are they so much cheaper than the non-refurbished versions?
The truth is: refurbished laptops are a great way to save money – provided that you purchase the refurbished laptop from a trustworthy company and perform a bit of research beforehand.

What is a Best Buy refurbished laptop?

We’re going to use Best Buy’s refurbished merchandise policy since it’s one of the world’s largest retailers of refurbished electronics. Basically, refurbished electronics are those that have been previously used and then checked to make sure they are in good working condition.
In Best Buy’s own words:
“Refurbished products are those that have been sent back to the manufacturer for minor technical issues. But no matter what the reason, they undergo a rigorous process to meet the manufacturer’s high quality standards. They are fully tested, inspected, cleaned and repackaged for sale.”

Sounds great, right? Refurbished products are a perfect solution for many consumers. Here are a few of their most important advantages.

The advantages of buying refurbished merchandise:

-You save a lot of money. This is the one major advantage of buying refurbished merchandise. Instead of paying $600 for a brand new laptop, you can pay $350 for a laptop that is basically brand new.
-Covered by warranty. Manufacturers generally offer a warranty on refurbished merchandise. The warranty isn’t the same as it would be on a new product, but it can last for anywhere from 60 to 90 days – more than enough time for you to spot any problems.
-You’re being green. When you buy refurbished merchandise, you’re helping the planet recycle. If that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, then you’ll love buying refurbished merchandise.
Ultimately, the number one reason why people buy refurbished merchandise is because of the price. In most cases, refurbished electronics come with no noticeable signs of wear or tear. Instead, they come in the same packaging and perform exactly the same as a brand new product.

How to buy refurbished merchandise

Not all refurbished electronics are a smart buy. If you’re going to go down the refurbished route, be sure to adhere to the following standards:
-Only buy refurbished merchandise from trusted major tech companies that have a reputation to maintain.
-Don’t buy refurbished merchandise from shady online retailers. Stick to major merchandisers like Best Buy.
-Watch out for products that are always on the refurbished list and find out why. If you notice that one product is constantly being offered as ‘refurbished’, then you need to find out why so many people are returning it. For example, I recently purchased a refurbished laptop that I had seen appear on the refurbished list quite a few times. When I Googled what the problem was, I find out that it had startup problems that could be fixed by uninstalling a simple driver. I uninstalled that driver and my laptop is working flawlessly. On the other hand, I found a refurbished camera that I chose not to purchase because it required batteries – something that many customers didn’t realize when they first purchased it. Be sure to research every refurbished product before you buy it.
Ready to make your purchase? Go to your favorite tech store’s website and type ‘refurbished’ into the search bar to find a wide variety of low priced electronics. Then, prepare to save hundreds of dollars with no real downsides!

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