There are a number of good software tools in the world today. Some of these software tools are so useful that they should be pre-installed on all copies of Windows.
Since we’re not in charge of Microsoft’s decision-making, we can’t pre-install stuff onto Windows.
What we can do, however, is tell you which software to install immediately after you install Windows. Without further ado, here are the world’s top 6 free software programs to install after installing Windows:

6) WinDirStat

WinDirStat has one of the stupidest names of all the software listed here. To a casual computer use, WinDirStat seems like a scientific software program or some obscure service.
Instead, WinDirStat stands for Windows Directory Statistics – or something close to that. WinDirStat scans your computer’s storage devices and creates a colorful, easy-to-read diagram of all the files and folders on your system.
If you’re running out of space on your PC, then I highly recommend using WinDirStat to identify high-volume areas on your hard drive. You can also delete unnecessary files directly from WinDirStat, making this software remarkably easy to use to clean your PC.
Best of all, WinDirStat is free to use. Download it today from

5) Dropbox

The cloud storage wars are well underway. Dropbox is the cloud storage service that started it all. As the first major cloud storage service on the market, Dropbox has continuously been attacked by newer competitors like Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.


Dropbox, however, has easily survived these challenges and continues to be the best cloud storage service out there today. The free plan offers 2GB of basic storage, although you can upgrade to over 100GB of storage for $9.99 per month.
In addition, you can refer friends and install Dropbox on multiple systems to gain more storage space. I have 52GB of free Dropbox storage space and I’ve never paid a subscription fee.
With Dropbox, you can sync files across all your platforms, including your smartphones, PCs, laptops, and whatever other internet-connected devices you own.
You can setup a Dropbox account for free at

4) TrueCrypt

Whether you’re working on top-secret government documents or you  just appreciate privacy, TrueCrypt is a must-download program.


TrueCrypt is free and easy to use. It helps you protect your files using encryption and powerful security features. You can create hidden volumes within your storage units, for example, and lock your files behind AES-256 and stronger encryption protocols – which basically makes them impossible to access.
You can download TrueCrypt for free from here:

3) VLC Media Player

Do you watch movies and TV shows on your computer? Probably.
If so, then VLC Media Player is a must-download. VLC includes codecs for virtually every media file type on the planet. Whether you’re trying to play a Blu-Ray, DVD, or .mp4 file, VLC Media Player will play those files with no loss of sound or video quality.


It’s an amazing software program that is small, free, and easy to use. You can download it for free here:

2) CCLeaner

Every time you open your internet browser, your browser downloads temporary files, cookies, and other files. These files are somewhat useful, but they also take up a lot of storage space on your hard drive.
Over time, these files can take up gigabytes upon gigabytes of space on your hard drive.
CCLeaner easily removes all of these files for free. CCleaner also targets temporary PC software files, your recycling bin, and many other files and folders from all across your PC. One scan can instantly speed up your PC and remove many unnecessary – and potentially dangerous – files.
Download CCLeaner for free here:

1) PC Cleaner Pro

PC Cleaner Pro is the world’s most popular registry cleaning software for good reason: it’s exceptionally powerful.
PC Cleaner Pro is free to try and scans deep within your system – including your Windows Registry – for any signs of malicious files or viruses.

pc cleaner pro

If any files are found, PC Cleaner Pro immediately removes them from the system. PC Cleaner Pro also removes unnecessary files, duplicate files, and files you no longer use or need.
The end result of all of this cleaning is a faster, smoother, healthier PC. Try it for free today.

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