Every day, the team behind receives dozens of emails from users looking to solve their computer problems. Some of these problems are totally unique, like:
“My cat just gave birth on my computer keyboard and now it’s not working. Should I get a new keyboard or try to clean it?”
But most questions are very common and revolve around fairly standard computer issues. Like:
“My [any software program] won’t start. What should I do to fix it?”
No matter what kind of computer problem you’re experiencing, take a quick glance through this list to see if you can fix your problem in just a few minutes or less:

5) My programs are loading slowly or not loading at all

Slow-loading programs are basically a pandemic for computer users. Whether you’re trying to play your favorite PC game or just opening your internet browser, slow-loading programs are incredibly annoying. Here are a few troubleshooting tips that will help you fix this problem:
-Uninstall that program and reinstall it
-Uninstall any unnecessary programs and delete junk data from your computer
-Clean your registry to identify and remove any errors related to that program
-Clean up your hard drive. If your hard drive is too full, then it will have trouble loading any programs and files on your PC, leading to general PC slowdowns.
-Search online for other users who have that problem and see what they did to fix it

4) I get display driver errors like “Display driver not responding”

Display driver errors are another common problem. They generally occur due to problems with your computer’s video card, including overheating, lack of driver support, inability to find the driver, or countless other problems. Here are a few tips that should clear these problems up. Perform these in order to see what works best:
-Make sure the cords going to and from your computer monitor are secure at each end
-Download your latest video card driver from or To find out which type of video card you have, open a run command box by pressing Windows Key + R and then type in dxdiag and press Enter. Look at the Display 1 tab and check the section for Chip Type. It will say something like GTX 670. Then, Google the name of that card + driver or check Nvidia or AMD’s official websites. Once you’ve found the latest driver update, download it and install it and restart your computer. This will also drastically improve your in-game performance if you’re a PC gamer.
-Clean out the dust from inside your case to prevent overheating
-While your PC case is open, make sure the cords going to and from your video card are secure. Make sure the video card is placed firmly inside the slot on your motherboard.

3) I can’t connect to the internet or it takes too long to connect to Wi-Fi

Internet connection problems are ubiquitous throughout the computer world. And like the other problems listed here, there could occur for any number of different reasons. Here are a few troubleshooting tips that will help you solve your internet problems:
-Upgrade to the latest version of your internet browser or use bulletproof internet browsers like Chrome
-Uninstall search bars and add-ons that you don’t need or don’t use. These can slow down internet speeds.
-Restart your wireless router if you have one
-Move your wireless router or your computer around the house to see if signal strength changes. Try to move your wireless router to a central location free of interference problems like thick walls or microwaves.
-Right click on your internet connection icon in your system tray and click ‘Troubleshoot Problems’. Go through the list of options on that menu to see if any of those tools fix your problem.

2) My computer doesn’t turn on at all

Out of all the problems on this list, this one is probably the most frustrating. After all, if your computer can’t turn on, then you can’t read this article and won’t be able to fix your PC properly. But hopefully, you’ve found a way to read this article on your smartphone or laptop. If you want to fix a computer that won’t turn on, follow these tips:
-Check the entire length of your power cord. Make sure it’s firmly connected at both ends. If you have a desktop PC, make sure the switch at the back is switched to the ‘On’ position. Make sure your power bar is switched to the ‘on’ position if it has one.
-Try switching to a different electrical outlet to see if that makes a difference.
-Try a different monitor, if possible, or switch your monitor to a different computer
-Fiddle around with the power button on your laptop or desktop to see if it has fallen out of place. Your computer might be fine, but the button required to turn it on may have come loose.

1) My computer is taking much longer to boot than it used to

This is one of the most common computer problems in the world, which is why we have it at number one on our list. Computers that take too long to boot might be doing so for a number of different reasons, including:
-Full hard drives
-Too many installed programs
-Too many applications running on startup
-Errors within the registry or other parts of the hard drive
-Too much clutter
The best way to fix these problems is to uninstall any programs you don’t need. But you probably already did that in one of the steps listed above. After doing that, try pressing the Windows Key + R and typing in msconfig. Then, press Enter to open a special menu. From here, simply click on the Startup tab and remove any applications that you don’t need to run as your computer starts up.
If you’ve never done this before, then you may have dozens of unnecessary programs starting up as your computer loads. Remove a few of them and see how much time you save.

Fix all of these problems with a single click

Although we’ve provided specific tech support tips for all of the problems listed above, there’s one solution that seems to work on the majority of computer problems, and that solution is PC Cleaner Pro. Whether your computer is taking too long to boot or your program is displaying some strange error message, PC Cleaner Pro has a knack for rooting out pesky computer problems.
And best of all, PC Cleaner Pro is free to try. Download it today to see if it can fix whatever computer problem you’re experiencing.

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