Binge watching Netflix is one of everybody’s favorite guilty pleasures. If you want to make your binge watching even more awesome, then here are some of the best tips that will help:

5) Never Miss an Expiration Date

Netflix newbies might think shows will stay on Netflix forever. But in reality, TV and movie studios have predefined agreements with Netflix to only show certain shows until a certain date.
There are few things worse in life than binge watching a series to the last season – only to realize that the show was just removed from Netflix hours before you were going to watch the last few episodes.
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Fortunately, there’s an easy way to stay up-to-date on expiry dates. First, sign into Netflix and click on Browse > My List. Change your appearance setting to manual. You’ll see a list of all your queued shows. Shows with an upcoming expiration date will have small red text beside their name. That red text will say something like “Until 1/1/2016”. Watch your show before then or face the horrible consequences.

4) Avoid Account Scabbers

Netflix accounts aren’t expensive. But some people will still try to scab onto your account secretly. Sometimes, these people are former roommates, ex-girlfriends, or parents. Sometimes they’re hackers (but not usually).
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In any case, you should regularly check your account activity to make sure you’re not paying for someone else’s binge watching unknowingly.
To do that, click on your profile picture in the top right corner of the screen and then click on Your Account. You’ll see a “Viewing Activity” section at the very bottom of the screen. Then, click See recent account access. 
You can see who’s on your Netflix, which devices they’re using, and even their IP address.

3) Use Subtitles

Maybe you’re watching Netflix in a place where the volume can’t be too loud. Maybe you’re practicing English by watching English TV shows. Whatever the case may be, you can turn on subtitles in Netflix in like 5 seconds.
netflix subtitles
To do that, go to your face in the top right corner of the screen, then click on Your Account. Scroll down to Subtitle appearance. You can choose the color of the subtitles and even set up a background box color if needed. Change your font to something legible and get ready to read your way through your next binge watching session.

2) See What’s Actually Popular on Netflix

One of the weirdest things about Netflix is that it’s basically impossible to see a list of the shows and movies that are actually really popular right now. Sure, you can scroll slowly through a list of about 20 “Popular on Netflix” shows. But what’s the hottest new show everyone’s watching right now?
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Thankfully, there are plenty sites that will answer that question for you. These sites will instantly tell you what’s popular on Netflix.
I like using, where you can see the most popular shows in the last 24 hours or “New & Noteworthy” shows that have been attracting media attention in the last week.
Never miss out on the next big Netflix thing again.

1) Break Your Binge Watching Habit

Are your kids angry at you because you never feed them? Have you skipped work again to watch Netflix? Do you bring your laptop or tablet into the bathroom with you to watch Netflix?
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Well, you might have a serious addiction problem. But you can break the cycle of Netflix addiction by changing one simple setting. Go to Your Account and scroll down to the My Profile section. Click on Playback Settings and disable the Play next episode automatically box. No longer will your Netflix episodes play after you just finished the last one.
Now go outside and get some fresh air.

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